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When Kanye West released his new album "Jesus Is King" on October 25th the world was taken by surprise.

Fans who have followed him over recent years know how Kanye West worked hard to make religion a primary focus of his work. 

With this new album, he is trying to make Christianity a part of pop culture and modernize faith to make it interesting for the younger generations, and the reactions were divided. 


Here are the 3 top highlights of Kayne West's release of his latest album, "Jesus Is King" and the best major lyrics from each song.

1. It revives gospel music.

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This is a clip from the Sunday service Kanye West performed in honor of the release of his new album "Jesus Is King." It's almost like a gospel rap battle. 


Kanye West talks about the gospel and he alludes to his past and how his past has shaped him into who he is now. 

As NBC News reports, Kanye West "Spends a lot of time trying to position himself as less the center of his own universe and more the servant of a higher power." 

2. His art is changing.

As Time Magazine states, the album "Feels heavy on shortcuts and light on tension. While there are plenty of likable elements—impassioned melodies, slick production, motivated guest appearances—the album is dominated by generic worship lyricism and overfamiliar sounds.

By eschewing the paradoxes that have driven his best work, West has unwittingly put forward another one: he’s claimed God as his greatest inspiration, but made the least inspired album of his career."


Kanye West doesn't go deeper into the meanings or put a whole bunch of soul into his performance. The whole album plays off of the theme of "Follow Jesus, listen and obey", accordig to Times.

Of course, there will always be mixed reviews, but Kanye West gives a very different spin on gospel music. 

3. Kayne's interviews are a must-watch.

Kanye West gave an interview on October 24, 2019, with Apple Music about his new album "Jesus Is King."


It's a pretty long interview going for about 2 hours. If you are interested, here is the video. 

3. Everyone in the media is intrigued.

And if you were curious, On October 29th, 2019, James Corden, the hilarious Late Late Night television host, had Kanye West on Airpool Karaoke while Kanye was traveling with his Sunday Service choir. 

Here are the lyrics to all 11 songs on his new album, Jesus Is King.

Lyrics to the Song, "Every Hour"

"Sing every hour (Every hour, 'til the power)
Every minute (Every minute, of the Lord)
Every second (Every second, comes)
Sing each and every millisecond (Down)
We need you (We need you, sing 'til the power)
We need you (We need you, of the Lord)
We need you (Comes)
Oh, we need you (Down)"
 — Kanye West


Lyrics to the Song, "Selah"

"God is King, we the soldiers
Ultrabeam out the solar
When I get to Heaven's gates
I ain’t gotta peak over
Keepin' perfect composure
When I scream at the chauffeur
I ain't mean, I’m just focused
I ain't mean, I'm just focused
Pour the lean out slower
Got us clean out of soda
Before the flood, people judge
They did the same thing to Noah"
 — Kanye West 


"If you woke, then wake up
With Judas, kiss and make up
Even with the bitter cup
Forgave my brothers and drank up
Did everything but gave up
Stab my back, I can't front
Still we win, we prayed up
Even when we die, we raise up" 
Kanye West

Lyrics to the Song, "Follow God"

"Father, I stretch
Stretch my hands to You
Lifelike, this is what your life like, try to live your life right
People really know you, push your buttons like typewrite
This is like a movie, but it's really very lifelike
Every single night, right, every single fight, right?
I was looking at the 'Gram and I don't even like likes
I was screamin' at my dad, he told me, "It ain't Christ-like"
I was screamin' at the referee just like Mike
Lookin' for a bright light, Sigel, what your life like
Riding on a white bike, feeling like Excitebike (Stretch my hands to You)
Pressin' on the gas, supernova for a night light
Screamin' at my dad and he told me, "It ain't Christ-like"
But nobody never tell you when you're being like Christ
Only ever seein' me only when they needin' me
Like if Tyler Perry made a movie for BET
Searchin' for a deity, now you wanna see it free
Now you wanna see if we, let's just see if three apiece
Tell me what your life like, turn it down, a bright light
Drivin' with my dad, and he told me, "It ain't Christ-like" (Stretch my hands to You)
I'm just tryna find, l've been lookin' for a new way
I'm just really tryin' not to really do the fool way
I don't have a cool way, bein' on my best, though
Block 'em on the text though, nothin' else next though"
 — Kanye West

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Lyrics to the Song, "Closed on Sunday"

"Closed on Sunday, you're my Chick-fil-A
Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A
Hold the selfies, put the 'Gram away
Get your family, y'all hold hands and pray
When you got daughters, always keep 'em safe
Watch out for vipers, don't let them indoctrinate
Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A
You're my number one, with the lemonade
Raise our sons, train them in the faith
Through temptations, make sure they're wide awake
Follow Jesus, listen and obey
No more livin' for the culture, we nobody's slave" 
— Kanye West


Lyrics to the Song, "On God"

""Oh my God," Bust said that's on Tribe
When I thought the Book of John was a job
The Devil had my soul, I can't lie
Life gon' have some lows and some highs
Before the Grammy's ever gave a nod
I wore my heart on my sleeve, I couldn't hide
In '03, they told me not to drive
I bleached my hair for every time I could've died
But I survived, that's on God"
 — Kanye West

Lyrics to the Song, "Everything We Need"

"Switch my, switch my attitude
I'm so, I'm so radical
All these people mad at dude
This for who it matter to
What if Eve made apple juice?
You gon' do what Adam do?
Or say, "Baby, let's put this back on the tree" 'cause

[Refrain: Ant Clemons & Ty Dolla $ign]
We have everything we need (Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, oh)
We have everything we need (Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, oh, oh)
We have everything we need (Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, oh)
We have everything we need (Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, oh, woah)
We have everything we need" 
— Kanye West

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Lyrics to the Song, "Water" 

"Jesus, flow through us
Jesus, heal the bruises
Jesus, clean the music
Jesus, please use us
Jesus, please help
Jesus, please heal
Jesus, please forgive
Jesus, please reveal
Jesus, give us strength
Jesus, make us well
Jesus, help us live
Jesus, give us wealth
Jesus is our safe
Jesus is our rock
Jesus, give us grace
Jesus, keep us safe"
 — Kanye West

Lyrics to the Song, "God is"

"Every time I look up, I see God's faithfulness
And it shows just how much He is miraculous
I can't keep it to myself, I can't sit here and be still
Everybody, I will tell 'til the whole world is healed
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, all the things He has in store
From the rich to the poor, all are welcome through the door
You won't ever be the same when you call on Jesus' name
Listen to the words I'm sayin', Jesus saved me, now I'm sane
And I know, I know God is the force that picked me up
I know Christ is the fountain that filled my cup
I know God is alive, yeah" 
Kanye West

Lyrics to the Song, "Hands On"

"Cut out all the lights, He the light
Got pulled over, see the brights
What you doin' on the street at night?
Wonder if they're gonna read your rights
Thirteenth Amendment, three strikes
Made a left when I should've made a right
Told God last time on life
Told the devil that I'm going on a strike
Told the devil when I see him, on sight
I've been working for you my whole life
Told the devil that I'm going on a strike
I've been working for you my whole life
Nothing worse than a hypocrite
Change, he ain't really different
He ain't even try to get permission
Ask for advice and they dissed him"
 — Kanye West


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Lyrics to the Song, "Use This Gospel"

"Use this gospel for protection
It's a hard road to Heaven
We call on Your blessings
In the Father, we put our faith
King of the kingdom
Our demons are tremblin'
Holy angels defendin'
In the Father, we put our faith" 
— Kanye West

Lyrics to the Song, "Jesus Is Lord"

"Every knee shall bow
Every tongue confess
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord
Every knee shall bow
Every tongue confess
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord"
 — Kanye West

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