5 Level-Headed Zodiac Signs Who Keep Calm During A Crisis

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5 Capable Zodiac Signs Who Keep A Level Head During A Crisis

Let’s give thanks to the people in our lives who are good in a crisis: those people who keep a level head, stay calm, and are able to act in ways that don’t make things worse. Without THEM, tension-filled situations would escalate into full-fledged disasters.

There are some level-headed zodiac signs who have the ability to be a positive force in times of trouble. They lead when others are too freaked out to think of what to do, they comfort people so emotions don’t make situations volatile, and they do damage control so the crisis is contained.

To have that kind of personality, you need to be able to think clearly, not be reactive, reach out for help and/or guidance, not think of disaster scenarios, and handle things as they come up. And there are only certain personalities in astrology who are capable of doing just that.

These people put their own needs aside for the good of others and try to keep a positive attitude. They tend to be strong, helpful, and optimistic, and know it’s possible for everyone to get through to the other side.

1. LEO (July 23 - August 22)

A crisis is when Leo's natural leadership skills come to good use. They're brave, kind, helpful, and know just what to do to keep a situation from escalating. They are good at delegating tasks, which helps to keep people focused and calm.

Leos aren't too prideful to ask for and accept help. They know that sometimes they can't solve a problem by themselves and they need reinforcements. Luckily, they always have a huge support system.

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2. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

In times of crisis, Geminis stay calm and don't lose their heads. They use their great communication skills to their advantage by talking things out and coming up with strategies for how to handle the crisis.

Since Geminis are extremely intelligent and creative, they're often able to come up with solutions that other people might miss. When under pressure, they become more focused and calm than they might be in everyday life.

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3. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

No one can predict every crisis, but Capricorn is always prepared for one. They make themselves prepared so that when the occur, they aren't shocked and come up with coping strategies, plans of actions, and ways to diffuse the situation.

Capricorns are wise, capable, and cautious. They're not going to do something impulsive that would make a crisis situation even worse. Since Capricorns are so level-headed, they are great to have in a crisis and during the aftermath as well.

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4. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Since Libras tend to be balanced anyway, they're able to keep cool during an intense situation. Their quiet strength helps to soothe other people and prevents them from making the situation even worse.

Libras don't react immediately without thinking; instead, they take everything in and find their footing before acting in a hasty or irrational way. They are able to get all sides of the story without rushing to judgment and possibly causing a tense situation to get worse.

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5. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

While Taurus can have a temper, it rarely flairs up in a crisis situation. They're able to keep a level head while others around them may be losing theirs.

Taurus are the calm in the middle of a storm and their quiet strength is comforting to other people. People sense that they can depend on Taurus to get them through. They are also patient, and don't make matters worse by trying to rush or force a solution. 

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