What The Jupiter-Neptune Square Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until June 2025

Our beliefs shape our realities.

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We may experience a reality check or two in terms of how our thoughts shape our lives once Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces on September 21st. For our zodiac signs, it means big changes are coming to our personal lives — and our love horoscopes will reflect that.

In astrology, a square is representative of two planets being within 90 degrees of one another, which creates a moment of tension. Usually thought of as a negative a square, Jupiter square Neptune is the chance to discuss matters or make decisions, all because we can no longer ignore certain issues or remain in denial.


This transit varies with frequency — 13 years to even every year, depending upon where each planet is in their own journey around the sun. For us, this is our third, meaning there likely is something that will be coming to a head around this the final one for this year, and until June 2025. The first occurred in January, the second in June, and now the third.

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While we may struggle at first seeing a connection or sequence of events, it will benefit us if we can reflect on different themes we’ve seen in our lives around those times this year.


Jupiter governs our sense of abundance and future horizons. This is the planet that makes everything it touches bigger, including our dreams (Neptune). In Sagittarius, this means we are more apt to book travel plans or find opportunities in life that take us away temporarily or offer a geographic move.

In this planet, Jupiter also becomes more associated with spirituality and finding greater meaning and purpose in our life, which has been an important focus for many this year. This search has been found in so many wanting to live a life of truth or authenticity as we hear so often. There is nothing like Jupiter in Sagittarius to make people want to live an incredible life in which they can feel of use.

Whereas some astrologers may point to this square and discuss the risk of being deceived, or of even being disappointed with a path we’ve taken in life, it seems to do just that we end up neglecting a much bigger story.

Let’s first stop and think about January 13th of this year. What was going on? What was happening? Think specifically about love, relationships, future plans and dreams. Were you living the life you had always dreamed of back in January, or did you feel it had been ripped away from you? Perhaps you began to doubt if the life you always thought you’d live was even attainable.


Now, let's skip over to June 16th. Around this time, you began to have hope once again. From January to June, there not only was significant hard work but several important planetary changes, such as Uranus beginning a new cycle in Taurus; it would have enabled us to have more clarity about our life and to see we only get to enjoy what we’ve put in the effort to create.

But then eclipse season happened and we were slapped with a bit of reality. Sometimes we can’t just create a happy ending with a situation that was only meant to be a lesson. We’re not able to just make any relationship into the one we truly desire, just like we had to admit there will always be certain situations and people that bring out a side of us we didn’t even know existed.

Then, add in Virgo season and no one was really thinking about romance. It felt like waking up on the day of the final, realizing we’ve forgotten to study, so it was work mode all around.

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Things have shifted though, even in just the past week. Sometimes we don’t understand that life changes in an instant, and all we have to do is give ourselves the chance to see it.

With Mercury and Venus shifting into Libra in the last week, the energies of not only the divine feminine and masculine have changed, but our communication style has as well. Lending to that, we experienced the Pisces full moon in the constellation of the Phoenix and Saturn turned direct. To say that nothing feels the same might be an underestimate at how much can actually change within a week.  

That brings us to today when Jupiter and Neptune have once again met in the skies, creating a situation that can’t be ignored. But we’re being challenged to react to differently than we previously had. For us, this means focusing on our thoughts and belief system.

Do we believe that situations can change? Do we think that people can? Can we look for the lesson, even within the times when we were hurt or betrayed, or are we looking for who is right or wrong instead? Are we blocking the visions for our future (Jupiter) because of the doubt we have about what’s happened in the past (Neptune)?


For this last square, we’re being asked to imagine our best-case scenario. No editing it for what you think is possible and no doubting what came to mind. This isn’t about what we think is realistic for our future, but our deepest desires for what kind of life we want to live and who we want to be beside us.

There is plenty of time for us to figure out how to make something work and to have those conversations about just that, but sometimes we need to believe it. To see it in our mind as being possible and to let ourselves feel how it would actually be to live that life.  

Not because Neptune is here to show us the pain associated with disillusionment, but because Neptune can help us dream big so that Jupiter can show us the path to making that life a reality. Everything in life has two sides, and we can look for the negative or create the positive.  


But either way, whatever path we choose for our thoughts, is also the one that creates the path for our life.

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