What The Mars-Pluto Trine Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until February 2021

Until we know our why, the who or what won't matter.

Why The Mars Pluto Trine Helps You Focus On What Really Matters getty

The way we view ourselves and life is about to get an upgrade when Mars trine Pluto, with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, September 19th. While we’ve had hardly any time to integrate and process the changes we’ve gone through so far this month, the third week of September won’t be any different in terms of our love horoscopes and personal lives.

With our Pisces full moon, two planets changing signs, Saturn turning direct, and a whole host of planetary aspects, it again serves as a warning to not get comfortable with the status quo. In astrology, a trine is when two planets are within 120 degrees of one another, creating a positive and mutually beneficial energy for the zodiac signs.


While we are experiencing two Mars-Pluto trines this year, the first of which occurred back in March, we won’t see another until February 2021, which means there is something within our lives we’re meant to focus on.

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Mars is the planet of action and ambition. But in Virgo, his energy is different. He’s not as concerned with excitement as he is stability, not as attracted to short-term as he is commitment. In this sign, he takes on a more stable and grounded energy, so while we’re going to still feel passion, we’re going to feel driven to accomplish different things. It's only going to be for those parts of our lives that are meaningful to us long-term.  

Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld, the controller of all that resides within our subconscious or even the dark parts of our soul we try to repress or ignore. Pluto also likes to keep secrets, but in retrograde motion, which he is in until October 3rd, he enjoys exposing them even more.

In Capricorn, this planet is concerned about our foundations and sense of stability. It’s looking at whether or not we’re trying to skip steps or if we’re doing the work for ourselves and future even if it’s hard.  

This planet has been retrograding since the end of last April, so while we need to think back to the end of March when this trine occurred, it would also be helpful to focus on Pluto retrograde as well. Try for a moment to remember what was going on from the end of March to end of April of last year. What themes were coming up for you, especially those around secrets, truth, and any relationships you were in at the time?


While each astrological event can be the beginning of a new cycle, in all likelihood because this trine occurred earlier in the year, we’ll be seeing an event occur that has a similar theme. We also may experience a confirmation or realization that has to tie back to the Spring, so it’s important to remain aware of your thoughts and the events that surround you.

Mars and Pluto sometimes seem to not be those planets that can bring about positivity for us. However, despite the hot and cold nature of these planets together, it’s not just about Mars becoming passionate about living truthfully and exposing secrets; rather, it's about going deep within ourselves to learn what means the most to us.  

Mars is a passionate sign, one that is driven and focused, but because of that Virgo energy Mars isn’t sitting around thinking about where to get his next thrill; instead, what he wants is something to commit to; something that has value and could potentially be lasting.

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In harmony with Pluto, that means Mars will have us going on a soul-searching mission. Are we participating in a life we feel connected to? Are we living our truth or hiding it from others? Are we in the dark because we’re too afraid of living in the light?

This transit coming off the Pisces full moon on the 14th and Saturn direct on the 18th means this isn’t just about whether we want to live in New York or L.A., but what our relationship and person mean to us. What person do we find when we dive deep into our souls? Perhaps it’s an actual person; maybe even our partner we’ve placed on the backburner because work was so busy; maybe it’s an ex or maybe it’s just this feeling of love and relationship we desire for our lives.  

This is also part of the revelations that Mars and Pluto will bring, because we are going to have the chance to dig deep, to be honest with ourselves, and to do something about what we find there. 

Often times, when Pluto is involved with a transit, even if we can see and feel our truth, we find it difficult to figure out what to do differently. We can easily feel stuck by Pluto’s overwhelming energ,y even if he is known as the planet that transforms us simply because we need to feel passionate about whatever changes we’re making. 


What that is really is, though, is that we need to know our why. We are capable of anything — any great change, plot twist or new chapter. But in order to find the gumption we need to get it done, we need to understand why.

We need to get to that place where we are so deeply rooted in why we are going deep, why we are welcoming a transformation, that nothing or no one can derail us. That it doesn’t matter if others understand or accept it because this is something we’re doing for us.  

So, while Mars and Pluto may bring a lot to light, it’s also going to help us get clear on our why.


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