What The Mars Opposite Neptune Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until September 2021

Feelings don't lie.

What The Mars Opposite Neptune Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships U getty

In an active month of game-changing astrology, we have one more transit that shakes up our lives, love horoscopes, and relationships: Mars opposite Neptune, with Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Occurring on September 14th, this day is set to be one that will absolutely be felt by every zodiac sign, even those who adamantly say they don’t believe in astrology.

On the 14th, we also see our full moon in Pisces in the constellation Phoenix, Mercury and Venus shift into Libra, and Mars is opposite Neptune. This is a lot of energy for one day, especially with the moon and planetary shifts, magnifying that we’re not going to see this transit occur again until September 2021.


Not only is this going to feel big, it's going to be big too.

Astrology works by building upon different occurrences and events. September has been very active with a lot going on within the first nine days and we never got a reprieve. Instead, we have been continually asked to go deeper, work harder, and not give up on what is important to us.

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But it’s also been challenging us as to whether we’re on the right track or not. Creating energy that has us questioning whether we’re really living our truth or if we even know what that is.

In terms of our romantic relationships, this means many of us have been in an evaluation phase where we’re asking ourselves the hard questions and preparing for the truth we know is coming.

To this degree, September has brought new realizations about our lives and who we are. It’s having us walk away from cycles or patterns in which we’re just tired of participating, and it’s also igniting the fires of change. This time, even if it seems impossible, we’re not going to just sit around and be miserable; we're ready to do something about it.  

An opposition is literally when two planets are opposite of one another, meaning the signs they are in are opposite on the zodiac. In this case, Pisces and Virgo. Mars is the planet that governs the divine masculine, so while we all could be affected because we each hold masculine and feminine energy within us, the men in our lives specifically may be feeling this more strongly, especially if they’ve been struggling for truth or balance.


Mars is the planet that is our more aggressive side, the energy of ambition, drive, focus and going after what we want. We all need Mars energy, otherwise we’d sit about doing nothing much at all; however, having an unhealthy level of Mars energy means we don’t think before we do and we can be selfish at times.  

In Virgo, this planet takes on different characteristics that he isn’t as familiar with. Mars in Virgo is more loyal, dedicated, honest, and is looking for commitment. When we see a planet such as this that governs the masculine going through a more difficult placement, we have to also be aware that may mean our relationships are going through a transition phase as well.

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In love, Mars is the energy we harness when we first pursue or make our interest known in someone. He's confident, secure and goes after what he wants. Within established relationships, Mars takes on the role of the protector, the guide of the family, and while he usually has no problem getting us to move forward, in Virgo it’s also this fire planet that is planning for the future.


Mars in Virgo is focused on logic, on where he wants to be, and how he can best get there. It’s strategizing life and our relationships.  

Mars in Virgo knows what he wants and doesn’t let anything stop him; however, Neptune might cloud the waters. In an opposition, the forces sometimes work against one another, represent two different viewpoints, or even just a challenge of how to bring the two together.  

Neptune is ruled by Pisces so he's operating at full Neptunian force, utilizing every bit of his watery energy. Neptune does have some qualities that we hope to harness: unconditional love, the ability to dream, to connect spiritually, and to believe in the best in situations and in people.

Just like Mars, however, too much Neptune will have us living in a fantasy world that is nothing more than an illusion.  


The trick with Neptune is to understand why we need this loving dreamy energy at times, especially when Mars is on the scene and just wants to plan and move forward. I’m hearing, “Let’s go people” as the motto of this transit. But Neptune isn’t comfortable with that approach and is going to try to thwart us by confusing us as to what is our truth or not.  

This likely will mean we’re going to be challenged by how we feel about ourselves and may even experience a dip in our self-confidence. We also may find ourselves lying to appease others or build an illusion of who we are either to impress, or of the relationship we’re in to make it envious to others.

But this also means that we have a higher likelihood of not being able to discern whether others are telling the truth or not, even if it sounds really good.


We have to be mindful of offers that come out of nowhere and chances that seem almost impossible to take. This transit occurs as a warning so we can not only be more mindful of others, but also of ourselves. We can’t attract and build this amazing life with an incredible amount of love within it if we’re not honest about where we are or if we pretend to be someone other than ourselves.

We have to understand that our feelings never actually lie to us and never steer us in the wrong direction, especially if we’re tuned into our hearts. But people sometimes do, especially those who are more concerned with the illusion of something than the true-blue reality.

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