3 Courtship Rules For Christians Dating, According To The Bible

What would Jesus do if He were trying to decide what to wear to this first date?

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As we grow up in a church, it’s impossible not to see so many happy couples at each Sunday service. You watch people meet, fall in love, and commit themselves to each other.

And now as you approach the time in your life where courtship is the next step in your walk with God, you may be wondering, “Where is all of that in my life?”

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It’s almost every Christian girl’s fantasy to lock eyes with someone across the room during a Sunday service and instantly feel sparks.

Suddenly Bible study and youth groups become the things you look forward to the most every week.

You can’t wait for another chance to see him and hear him talk about God in a way that makes your stomach flip and your heartbeat race a mile a minute!

But, as life shows us time and time again, fantasy is not reality.

The reality of dating in the early 2000s is that screens become the primary mode of “face-to-face” contact.

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People have become a lot less comfortable with traditional contact and prefer to share their true selves over texting or dating apps.

When we communicate via technology, we can control what we share with each other. We can always show the beautiful, never the ugly.

For Christians specifically, the online world offers a lot of temptations for single people looking to take the next step, romantically.

Profiles can be very deceiving and people can have bad intentions in the online dating world.

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We have to be very careful about how we approach meeting new people with the greater plan of staying true to God’s plan.


Although dating is a huge step to take on our personal journey with faith, it can be a very fun and exciting time to court and explore who you are individually and when you unite with someone else.

So, don’t worry babe! We’ve got you covered with the three most important things to remember when you are ready to hit the town with a potential new boo!

Courtship rule #1: Stay true to your beliefs while dating.

Dating is all about opening yourself up to others. As the relationship grows, you will share more and more of yourself with the other person.

You will show your true colors and they will show theirs right back.

So, it is really important to share your intentions, limitations, and expectations for the relationship right from the start.


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You wouldn’t want to find yourself trapped six months later in a relationship that has grown far too wild for your comfort.

Starting a relationship off with total honesty and open communication will only benefit you in the long run.

Talk about God, share your thoughts, and stay true to yourself, and God, and you will always be happy with where you are!

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Courtship rule #2: Keep an open mind.

You truly can’t judge a book by its cover. You never know who might surprise you as you get to know them more.


Sitting down with yourself and making a list of deal-breakers is important to keep your standards high.

You never want to settle, especially when it comes to romance. But feeling can grow where you never thought they would.

Remember to think as God intended us to. We should keep love in our hearts for everyone around us.

Never shut someone out for who they are or the baggage they carry. We are all sinners looking for forgiveness.


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Courtship rule #3: Thank God, every step along the way.

Remember that God has a greater plan for us. He has great things in store for everyone that believes in Him.

When things are going really well, and when they are more trying than you anticipated, thank Him for his graciousness.

He created every one of your opportunities. There are larger lessons in every success and failure we experience.

Checking in with God throughout your dating process will keep you grounded in your beliefs, hopeful for the future, and content in what He has already gifted you with!

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