5 Unique Ways Dating A Christian Man Is Different

You are his gift from God, and he wants to love you in a way that you deserve.

The Brutal Truth About Dating A Chrstian Man

Religious people with strong beliefs date for only one reason, marriage.

Marriage gives Christian men the ability, according to God, to procreate and have sex with a woman that is his life partner.

This is a privilege and not a right, so it comes with a responsibility to love you, take care of you, and make sure your needs are met.

In other words, he doesn't just want to be intimate and run. Rather, he is looking to be a lover, a husband, a father and provider, and to be all that you can within his power. 


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He wants to make sure his spouse feels safe, loved and cherished spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Similar to the way Christ loved the church and gave his life up for her, a Christian man is searching for a woman who he can love deeply.


When you’re talking about the biological urges that men have, the reason why Christian men date is a focus on marriage, because to marry is to have a right to intimacy, that's blessed by God. 

And, a Christian man sees all women as a blessing.

When Christian men see a woman they are interested in they tend to be blunt ask the woman out on a date.

They aren’t going to play games, and do “Netflix and chill”. Generally speaking, when a man is mature enough they will talk to you and ask you out.

Whoever asked a person on a date is generally the one who pays for the first one.

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After the first 3 dates, you will know whether this is a man that you can see a future with or if it’s a man who just isn’t a right fit for you.

The man, especially if the dates were exciting, will fall in love with you a lot faster than you fall in love with him.

Christian men have unique qualities about them that you will love if you're the right fit for marriage.  

Here are some of the things you should expect when dating a Christian man.

1. He wants to attend Mass or church together every Sunday.

This is self-evident, it’s important to know that if you decide to be with a devout Christian man then that involves going to worship with him.


If you haven’t been to mass in a while then you’ll always be welcomed.

Doing some Bible study or listening to a Christian podcast could help begin your journey back into your faith.

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2. He wants to pray for you, with you, and encourage you to give thanks to God for all things together.

Being grateful for the food that you’re able to eat is always something Christian families do.

Anytime you go over his family's house, you will always be sure to give grace before each dinner.

You can try leading pray as a way to get closely connected with the family.


3. He wants to talk about religion with you.

While it may not come up all the time, being able to discuss your faith and your role in the universe is something that every Catholic couple needs.

The only way for you two to grow together as partners is to discuss these topics.

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4. He would love to go to Christian-related events with you.

When you meet a Christian man who is deep in his faith he will tend to participate a lot inside his church.


Churches allow communities to form where people can meet and do things such as barbeques or fairs or dinners.

Embrace that part of him, and you will make him happy.

5. He wants to wait until marriage to have sex.

Sex in a lot of religions is seen as a spiritual bond between two people, he wants to share this bond with only the person he will spend the rest of his life with.

Christians see that being able to pair bond with their partners as crucial to having a lasting relationship. Therefore he will always say no to advances.

Don’t worry though you guys can still hold hands and kiss.

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