How The Bible Defines What Love Is In John 3:16, The Most Popular Bible In Scripture

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What Is Love, According To The Bible Verse John 3:16
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"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

For those who are unaware, John 3:16, one of the most well-known, hailed Bible verses in the Christian world.

Though short in length, this verse is deeply profound, defining the essence and values of Christian religion at its core and unarguably, defining the meaning of love.

So, what is love exactly?

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To understand love through the biblical lens, it's essential to unpack John 3:16, specifically its context and influence.

There's been much speculation and intrigue surrounding the meaning behind John 3:16; but essentially, it summarizes God's relationship with humanity and salvation.

John 3:16 asserts that God's love for mankind is unwavering and tremendous — leading him to sacrifice His only Son, Jesus Christ, for our benefit.

Thus, anyone who devoutly follows the teachings of God and Jesus Christ will be saved and enjoy the fruits of everlasting life in Heaven.

How does this biblical narrative influence how we love?

God's monumental connection to humanity and His martyrdom serve as primal models of how to love; how to extend the offering to those in our lives, from strangers and acquaintances to family and friends.

For Christians, the understanding and appreciation of the two come early on through Baptism and deepen over the years through experience and continued devotion. As framed by John 3:16, love is the following:

1. Love is unconditional.

Love is limitless; it means we acknowledge our loved ones for who they are and care for them anyway.

Along with their traits that draw us deeper, we accept their flaws, their shortcomings, their sins, and their vices, because they would do the same for us in a heartbeat.

Through God, we see that unconditional love isn't easy; in fact, it's often messy and has heartbreak attached. But despite it all, we march forward and explore the relationship with greater magnitude, because it's worth it.

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2. Love is a sacrifice.

God made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our protection, and bring us the beauty and hope of eternal life. It was a difficult decision; yet He moved ahead so we could embrace the warmth, care, and undying appreciation of His word.

In love, there will always be a sacrifice; and in certain situations, you're willing to go through a loss of sorts because you know it will strengthen the relationship between you and a loved one.

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3. Love makes compromises.

It's weighing the pros and the cons and reaching an agreement for the greater good.

It's understanding that, though you may not get your way, you'll be helping the other party because their happiness is just as important.

That's exactly what God did for us, and encourages us to do unto others during our time on Earth.

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4. Love is being there for each other through thick and thin.

Love is taking on the adversities, highs, and lows of life with your partner by your side; it's to celebrate, mourn, and be wholeheartedly invested in everything they do because you know they'd do the same for you without hesitation.

It's looking at their pain, fears, obstacles, and challenges straight in the face and offering a reassuring, calming hand.

God has been, and will always be there for us in times of happiness and need, and we are expected to reciprocate.

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5. Love is shared vulnerability.

Love is unearthing the depths of your being to someone you trust and vice versa. It's revealing your feelings, thoughts, emotions, values, and beliefs that are otherwise hidden and locked away from the outside world.

In love and in life, shared vulnerability is a sign of strength: it means, despite the potential outcome, you and your partner have the courage to disclose what lies deep within and beneath the soul.

With God, we are deeply and unapologetically open, showing bravery to Him every day because the greatest love is never easy.

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