7 Types Of Love & What Each One Means

7 Types Of Love & What Each One Means

What is love? Love is one of the most powerful feelings in the world. The feeling is so free and vulnerable but amazing.

Whether you gain love from family, friends or a mate it really has a way of getting to your emotions. We all desire to be loved and some even give love.

There are 7 types of spiritual love, and each type of love can make you feel all kinds of ways.

​​Excitement, anxiety, hope, joyful, and endless are some emotions that love gives us.

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All of these feelings can lead to positive mental health and boost your mood. Love is timeless. It will never die.

Who do you love most in the world? Not all love is equal and not all emotions are expressed in the same way.

For me, I love my parents most of all. They have always been there for me and the love I have for them and they have for me, gives me butterflies and happiness when I think of them.

When you have an intense feeling or a deep attraction to someone or even something such as your passion it all stems from the word love.

Whether it gives your pleasure or interest, love is something that we all have in our hearts.

The strong range of emotions that it takes to love someone or something can differ which is what makes us who we are.

Love is so deep that we cannot ever really understand or describe it. It is so pure and effortless that if you truly love something or someone you will love it in all of its forms.

Love is free and eternal.

Do you love something or someone so much that you will give anything to protect it?

I know I do, the love I have for my parents and God describes that.

The spiritual love that God gives us as humans is the most important and fulfilling. Spiritual love is when you connect with a person or being; body, mind, and soul.

There are so many different types of love we can experience from romance to platonic, love is something that literally makes the world go round.

Even if we are strangers, if you are not able to rob a bank or harm someone, then you have a love for others. You love humans and you respect them enough to ensure safety in our society.

We never realize that sometimes the little acts of kindness that we do for others is ultimately stemmed from love.

We can feel the love in any state of mind. In weakness, sadness, anger, or even fear, the idea of love is something that is forever in our minds and hearts even when we do not realize it.

If you haven’t heard it or realized it, just remember regardless of who you are or what you have done in life that someone loves you and that you are loved, even by a complete stranger.

Because love is something that can be spread around our world and it is infectious.

Do you want to know the different types of love that there is?

If so I have compiled a list of the different types of love and their meanings.

Here are the 7 types of love and the meaning of each:

1. Eros love

Eros is about passion and sexual love. It represents romance.

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The term erotic is derived from the word eros.

According to the Bible, eros love is from God because it is a gift of his goodness for procreation and fulfillment as humans.

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2. Storge love

Storge love is familial love.

It is the love between families such as your mom, dad or your children.

It is all about the natural or instinctual affection of others.

Storge love is purely about family and friends who find you like family.

3. Ludus love

Ludus is about sport or play. It is all about flirting and having fun.

Ludus love is about the beginning of a relationship when the elements of play, excitement, and enjoyment.

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4. Philia love

Philia love is about friendship and affection. It is general and can be reflected as the love between family, friends, and having a good time.

It is about the purity and everlasting feeling of others you love no matter what.

5. Agape love

Agape love is universal and of purity. It means that you can have a love for strangers, God, animals, and people.

This love is for all things. It means to care for others and their welfare.

It is all about being a good person and love all things that are created in the eyes of God.

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6. Philautia

Philautia is self-love. Self-love is the most important love of all besides the love with God.

It is self-awareness and knowing that you are enough and that you are loved.

It is about self-esteem and self-confidence and how we can do and be whatever we want especially if we love ourselves.

7. Pragma

Pragma is practical love. It is about goals, personality, and it reflects the person you are and who you want to be.

Pragma is about loving things rather it be your love for your work, passion for your goals, and dreams in life.

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