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'The Family Chantel' Star Karen Everett Gets Her Own TLC Spinoff Series 'Ask Mama Chantel'

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Karen Everett

Viewers who have been with Chantel Everett since her 90 Day Fiancé days have gotten a more intimate look at the ins and outs of her family life, thanks to her spinoff show, The Family Chantel.

It's no secret that Everett has had a tough time getting her family to accept her husband, Pedro.

But her mom has been the toughest to convince, and thanks to her no-nonsense take on things, she's even getting her own TLC spinoff show called Ask Mama Chantel, which will air on Facebook Watch on Oct. 2.

Who is Chantel Everett's mom, Karen Everett?

Her name is Karen and she is taking no prisoners. 

She's the ones of the stars of The Family Chantel.

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé and TLC’s The Family Chantel already know how compelling it is to watch the dynamic of Chantel Everett and her paramour, Pedro.

But with the advent of their spinoff, now we're getting a closer look at everyone in Chantel's family, including her parents Thomas and Karen, with whom she shares a very close bond.

Chantel and Pedro's families do not get along (to put it very mildly) and one of the biggest stirrers of the drama pot is Chantel's mother, Karen.

While many kinds of relationships have to weather their own ups and downs, few have had to weather almost exclusively downs: it's a miracle this couple is still together, and Karen is one of the biggest issues in their lives. 

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Pedro and Chantel's relationship has always been a strain on their families.

Things may have started with sparks as far as Pedro and Chantel are concerned, but for their families, it has been nothing but clouds. When Chantel first introduced Pedro to her family, she wasn't exactly forthright about how they met.

Naturally, once they learned the truth her family became worried that Pedro was using Chantel in the hopes of making a permanent home in the United States.

But it wasn't just Chantel's family that had issues with the relationship. When Pedro's family got word of just how badly Chantel's peeps were treating their boy, they, in turn, got pissed and decided to take it out on Chantel.

Karen has some theories about her daughter's relationship, and they involve money.

Time and tide has done nothing to make Karen chill about the relationship.

The way she sees it (or any other member of Chantel's family, for that matter) Pedro's mother “groomed” her son, hoping that one day he would be able to make a match with an American woman and in the process gain access to money that he could send back to the Dominican Republic to help support his family. 

“My theory is that Pedro and Chantel were introduced to take advantage of an American and the American dollar,” Karen said early on in their relationship.

Another theory Karen has is that his entire family is living vicariously through Pedro, sending HIM money so that he can live out their own fantasies. 

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What is the truth about Pedro Jimeno?

If Chantel's family loves anything other than her, it's hating on Pedro.

They have all sorts of vaguely nuts ideas about all manners of different secrets they suspect that Pedro is hiding from Chantel. Perhaps the strangest one (in my humble estimation) is when the family, led by Karen, started a whisper campaign alleging that Nicole, Pedro's sister, wasn't actually his sister in the first place!

What was she to him then? Why to hear Karen and the rest tell it, Nicole is Pedro's secret lover! Their reasoning behind this is odd, to say the least. During a visit to their home, Nicole opted not to sleep on an expensive sofa procured for her visit, but still a sofa.

She chose to stay at a hotel, Chantel got hurt by the situation, picked a fight with Pedro, and Pedro, also hurt, fled to the hotel to stay with his sister. I see no secret affair, just a love of room service. 

She hired a private investigator to look into Pedro.

This wasn't just some random rumor that her family chatted about amongst themselves, either. Karen actually addressed it on the show saying: “Nicole seems to behave as if Pedro is her boyfriend. It makes me wonder what kind of relationship that is.”

The family went further than speculating, too. In fact, they eventually wound up hiring a private investigator.

No, they didn't put this PI on the case of Sister-Lover, but instead, they asked the man to look into where the money Pedro said he was sending back home really was going.

They believed at one point that Pedro must have a secret family, too. The PI wasn't able to verify this totally baseless claim. 

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What are Karen's biggest accusations about Pedro and Chantel?

Though they're definitely taking things over the top (in a clip from the show Karen even threatens Pedro with her taser) it turns out that Chantel's family was correct to be a bit suspicious of Pedro and his motives.

According to a friend of hers, Chantel learned that Pedro's mom and sister DID plan most of his life for him to marry an American woman so that they could all be a little better off.

When Chantel learned that this was true, she told her family and they unsurprisingly totally appalled at Pedro's behavior.

In fact, Karen went so far as to say that Pedro and his family trafficked Chantel! “When it seems that [there] is an intentional plot to use another person, it’s almost borderline body trafficking, isn’t it," she said on the show. 

In Oct. of 2020, it was announced that Karen will star in her own spinoff series.

Karen Everett will get her own spinoff series on TLC called Ask Mama Chantel. The show will premiere on Facebook Watch on Oct. 22.

The premise of the show is that fans will write in with questions about their own lives, or the lives of those on The Family Chantel.

When is Karen Everett's birthday?

It is unclear how old Karen Everett is or when her birthday is. Neither Chantel nor Karen have posted birthday photos on their Instagram accounts, either.

What is Karen Everett's net worth?

It's unclear what Karen Everett's net worth is; however, each person who appears on TLC's reality shows reportedly makes $15,000 per season, and $2,500 for each special.

What is Karen Everett's book called?

The title of Karen's Everett's upcoming book hasn't been released yet; however, she did share some news about her project on Instagram on July 4, 2019.

"Hello beautiful and yes I mean you! This is the beginning of something big as I have sent my first manuscript to the publisher and they loved it!" she wrote.

"With that being said my first book will be out and ready for you to read real soon! Enjoy!"

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