90-Day Fiancé's Nicole Jimeno Addresses Rumors That She's Pedro's Wife, Not Sister

Is she his sister or his wife?

Is Nicole Pedro's Wife On '90-Day Fiancé? New Details On The Rumors Facebook

Oh 90 Day Fiancé, you never fail to bring the drama. And by drama I mean — how the heck do these couples and their friends and family think this is normal? Anyway, I'm not here to judge, after all, I enjoy watching the trainwreck that this show and its couples as much as the next person. Now we're dealing with the rumors that Nicole Jimeno isn't Pedro's sister but his wife. What? Um...She sure seems intent on breaking Chantel and Pedro up but is it because he's two-timing her with his American wife? Do you see what I mean about this show, people? Is Nicole Pedro's wife on 90 Day Fiancé?


1. Nicole hates Chantel

Let's get right down to it. We all know Chantel's family has no love lost for Pedro's family. They feel like Pedro's mother Lidia set him up to have an American wife to get a green card and send money back to her so she can get a big screen TV. But is there more here than it seems? Sure, it's not that unusual for a sibling to not like their sibling's partner. But Nicole's vitriol for Chantel seems to go farther. It is no secret she considers Chantel her enemy. Nicole was one of the key factors in Pedro's enormous fight with Chantel's family last year.


2. Nicole tried to set married Pedro up with her friend Coraima

When Pedro and Chantel hit a rough patch and he booked a one-way ticket to the Dominican Republic, Nicole seemed determined on getting Pedro to cheat on Chantel with her friend Coraima.  Nicole announced he was single for the night and took her out with a bunch of her girlfriends. And then a video of Nicole's friend Coraima giving Pedro a lap dance surfaced. And Nicole showed it to Chantel. How convenient. That caused another fight between Chantel and Pedro, of course. 

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3. Chantel's parents don't think things are quite right with Nicole and Pedro

It isn't just the fans who wonder about the relationship Pedro and Nicole have. Even Chantel's parents are suspicious. When she came to visit, he offered to get a hotel room and stay with her in it, leaving Chantel on her own. Chantel's mother Karen said: “Nicole seems to behave as if Pedro is her boyfriend. It makes me wonder what kind of relationship that is.”

4. Is Chantel and Pedro's relationship a scam?

Chantel's parents have always been suspicious of Pedro and his family but especially his mother, Lidia. On an episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Karen Everett claimed to find a website that Lidia used to run that allegedly “finds stupid Americans to match with a person on the island in order to harvest the American dollar.” Viewers of this episode made it their mission to find the now deleted website associated with Lidia. It doesn't appear to have been what Chantel's mother claimed it was. It appears to have been a legitiate online legal services business. Lidia is, after all, a legit attorney in the Dominican Republic.



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5. Families in the Dominican Republic are different

American audiences and Chantel's family and friends just don't understand why Pedro is so solicitous of his family or why he supports them. They don't understand the Jimeno family dynamic. But the thing is: Pedro's relationship with his mother and sisters is not unusual for a family from the Dominican Republic. It's normal there for a son to take care of of his mother and sister. 


6. Is Nicole Pedro's secret wife?

No. The rumor is amusing and disturbing but it is more strange that anyone would think she was his wife and not his sister. They look exactly alike!



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