20 Simple Tattoo Ideas From Instagram For Aquarius Zodiac Signs

These are cool ideas for your sign.

20 Aquarius Sign Tattoo Ideas From Instagram Analise Benevides via @unsplash

What's a cool tattoo idea for a person born with an Aquarius sign? Where do you find tattoo designs that are cool?

Instagram is a great place for finding a cool tattoo design or idea for your next ink, especially if you're an Aquarius sign.

There are a variety of tattoo artists who post their latest work. If you have an Instagram account, you can simply type in #aquarius or #cooltattoo and #tattoodesigns to find an ink that would work for you.


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You might like a tattoo that shows your zodiac sign constellation. You'll want an original design, because as an Aquarius — an air sign with strong intellectual value and a kind heart — your unique personality traits influence your choices.


Besides, getting a tattoo is a big decision — whether it be your first tattoo or one of many — having permanent ink on your body is a huge deal. Nothing says, "I am committed" more than getting a tattoo.

Getting a tattoo should be something that you can also grow into. You want a tattoo design that is cool now but also thought out and planned well.

If you are planning on getting a tattoo that represents your Aquarius sign, it is a good idea to research symbols and images that showcase who you are as a whole person.

Maybe you want to get a tattoo of your lucky number or a number 11, your element sign's placement? Since Aquarius are fun-loving and are always there for their friends, you might want to get a matching tattoo with your bestie. Aquarius signs are deep thinkers and can solve any problem that comes their way, so maybe clouds or an image of the sky will do.


Maybe you want to get a tattoo that resembles your shy and quiet side being pushed aside by your eccentric side? Either way, there are many routes you can take to get your perfect Aquarius tattoo.

Whether you want a dainty, small tattoo or one that is big and bold, here are some Aquarius tattoo designs and cool ink ideas from Instagram to get you in that tatted spirit.

1. Starting off with something very simple

A classic take on the zodiac sign.


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2. A unique twist on a simple tattoo



#aquariustattoo #raghavgundimeda #vegastattoostudiohyderabad

A post shared by VegasTattooHyderabad (@vegastattoohyderabad) on Jul 15, 2019 at 11:17am PDT

Who says you can't put your own spin on this simple tattoo.


3. If you want all of your stars aligned

Here is where all of your stars meet, Aquarius.

4. A tattoo with a lot of color and a lot of personality

Who says an Aquarius can't play with color?


5. For an Aquarius tattoo that is a little more subtle

If you look closely, you can spot an Aquarius.

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6. How to add some floral detailing

Aquarius, you are one with nature.

7. A little quirky, but includes all of the elements of your zodiac sign

A tattoo that has a little bit of everything.


8. For a bold shoulder tattoo

Wear your sign loud and proud.

9. This could be the start of an Aquarius themed sleeve

Start scheduling your weekly tattoo appointments now.


10. For something a little on the girly side

Aquarius, you know you like to be a little girly sometimes.

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11. An Aquarius tattoo that includes their ruler, Uranus

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus.

12. If you wanted to incorporate your sign with the sign of your friends

Aquarius and Gemini are very compatible.


13. For those who are very proud to be an Aquarius

When you're an air sign and proud.

14. A tattoo a little on the psychedelic side

Far out, man.


15. The perfect tattoo to compliment that high ponytail

Wearing your hair down is so last season.

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16. For all the mermaid and merman lovers out there

Mermaids are real.

17. Another tattoo that incorporates all the elements of an Aquarius

For when you can't just pick one symbol to represent your sign.


18. Another very simple tattoo



"Aquarius" Handpoked for @watasiwavee Thank you for letting me in your skin! 

A post shared by Partykle Tattoo (@partykletattoo) on Aug 12, 2019 at 12:30am PDT

Just another simple option.

19. A unique way to incorporate your birth date

After all, it is what makes you an Aquarius.


20. One last take on the Aquarius waves



Vodnár v mojom preveden :) #tattoo #tttism #dnestetujem #aquarius #aquariustattoo

A post shared by INKFLUENCER (@cyril_balaj) on Aug 10, 2019 at 10:07am PDT

The most iconic symbol.

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