'Outdaughtered' Star Danielle Busby's Mom Michelle Theriot AKA Mimi Arrested For DUI


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She's a beloved grandma and star of a popular reality show. But, recently, the woman known merely as "Mimi" on the hit TLC show, Outdaughtered, has had her fair share of trouble with the law. Earlier in Oct., Mimi, whose real name is Michelle Theriot, was arrested for DUI. The reality TV star was pulled over a little after midnight after cops spotted her SUV swerving on the road. When they pulled her over, she apparently reeked of perfume and alcohol, and was "lethargic" when asked to show police her license. She also reportedly failed multiple sobriety tests and tried to get back into her car. Cops arrested her and she was taken to jail.


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Who is Danielle Busby's mom, Michelle Theriot AKA Mimi?

According to Mimi's own Instagram page, her real name is Michelle Theriot, but she's been called "Mimi" for as long as she can remember. Her Facebook page also says that she's a realtor with Keller Williams Realty, and thanks to the popularity of OutDaughtered, her business has grown exponentially! 


How old is Mimi Theriot?

Mimi was born on December 3, 1963, which makes her a 56-year-old Sagittarius.

Originally from Louisiana, "Mimi" moved to Texas in 2018 to help with the Busby quints, but suffered some personal tragedies.

Like most grandmothers, "Mimi" moved from Louisiana to Texas to be closer to her daughter, Danielle Busby, and help her out with the quintuplets (and their elder sister, Blayke).

However, shortly after she moved to Texas, she suffered a very serious personal tragedy when Hurricane Harvey washed away her house. But she refused to let the tragedy get her down. 

"I could never say THANK YOU enough to so many that GATHERED around me during the tragic event of Harvey. To Crystal & Dale Mills, Ashley & Nick Mowbray, Danielle & Adam Busby, Clear Creek Community Church, The Education Village, friends, family and people from all over the USA. I have had so many tears in the last year trying to start a NEW. This tragic event brought so many lives together for GOOD. So my memories of hurts have been overcome with all the LOVE and SUPPORT from SO MANY. THANK YOU AGAIN and AGAIN," she wrote on her Instagram page, with a picture of someone that looks like her son-in-law Adam wading through waist-high water to help her out.


Even though fans love Mimi, Danielle Busby — her daughter — frequently comes under fire for her mothering skills. 

Even though fans seem to universally love Mimi, they can't say the same about Danielle Busby, her daughter. For example, last year, "mommy shamers" accused Busby of focusing on one set of kids while ignoring the others.



A post shared by Danielle Busby (@dbusby) on Aug 21, 2020 at 5:17pm PDT

As a mother frequently does, Mimi came to her daughter's defense, but Busby certainly held her own against them!


However, Busby had other fans in her corner as well, who defended her by saying that what we see on social media is only a part of someone's life, so if she posts a photo with only a few of her daughters, it still doesn't mean she isn't spending time with all of them.

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Mimi's a mama to multiples, too!

Like her daughter, Mimi is a mama to multiples! In addition to her daughter, Danielle, Mimi is "mama" to twin girls, Crystal and Ashley. All three of the original Theriots make periodic appearances on Outdaughtered

Perhaps that's why Mimi's so good with the quints. When the Busby family went to take a portrait, for example, it was Mimi who was able to calm the kids down!


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Sometimes, Danielle is accused of being "too demanding."

Being a mom to one child is demanding enough. But being a mom to six children — five of whom are under the age of five — is a whole new level of demanding.

But that hasn't stopped people from commenting on how she seems "demanding" on the show, which certainly can't make Mimi feel good!

Busby may come off as stern in certain moments when it comes to reprimanding the quints, but some fans seem to think she takes things a little too far. And some have even mentioned that they think Busby could be the next Kate Gosselin in terms of the negativity she puts forth on screen. 


But Mimi is a great mom to her daughters, and an even better grandma to her grandchildren.

"Mimi" is so beloved by both the audience and the Busby family, she's often cited as a role model of sorts. Many fans take to her social media to share their positive thoughts and well wishes for her, and frequently comment how much they enjoy her presence on the show. 

We happen to be #TeamMimi over here, so we wish this beloved mom and grandma all the best!

Is Adam Busby cheating on Danielle?

Like every reality TV couple, Adam and Danielle Busby have been hit with cheating rumors for quite some time. However, after many fans speculated that Adam was cheating on Danielle, he fired back at the claims, saying, "Our marriage is rock solid. Don't ever doubt that no matter what you see on our show." 

Despite what fans think, there isn't an Outdaughtered divorce happening.

Although the couple's marriage has come under fire for years, they're clearly still going strong and have no plans to sign any divorce papers in the near future.


The new Outdaughtered season premiered in June.

Fans can catch up with what the Busbys and Mimi are currently up to, since season seven just premiered in June.

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