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What The Venus-Uranus Square Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until Autumn 2020

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How The Venus Uranus Square Will Affect Our Relationships This Month

On August 2nd, just one day after the new moon in Leo, we will experience Venus square Uranus, with Venus in Leo and Uranus in Taurus. This transit will test the zodiac signs' relationships and love horoscopes, forcing us to all acknowledge that not everything can be fixed or ignored.

Venus is the planet of love, and Uranus is the planet of sudden change, so when these two team up it means our relationships are in the hot seat. Anything that has been building will come to a head, anything hidden will be brought to light, and regardless of how much we try to resist change, it becomes our only choice.  

In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another. It's considered a hard aspect, meaning it often brings up challenges or stressful events that demand our attention. But it's also a chance at healing and putting to rest long held issues from our past.

The first square we experienced between these two this year was around March 1st, just days before Uranus moved into Taurus for his new seven-year cycle. And now, this will be the last until the autumn of 2020.

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This isn’t an aspect that occurs several times a year, and because this is the first since Uranus has begun his new cycle, we can expect the changes to be even more dramatic, especially given that this occurs with the new moon in Leo and this fire sign often has a penchant for drama. The energy from this square will be most intense for the remainder of the month; however, whatever we decide or choose could come to be a theme of focus for the next year.  

Change is unavoidable. We know this, yet we still like to believe that we can control everything. If a casual relationship isn’t manifesting into something more serious, we believe we can change that. If an existing relationship is no longer fulfilling or healthy, we believe we can change it. If we have feelings for someone, we believe we can talk ourselves out of it.

Yet, all of this is requiring the energy of resistance, and sooner or later, no matter how much we resist the flow of life, it will catch us. We will be brought down the very path we had hoped to avoid.  

Venus square Uranus is an influencing factor in the Leo new moon, and together, they are emphasizing the time for new beginnings and change in our love lives. This is post-eclipse energy; this is what happens once the emergency brake of Mercury retrograde has been lifted, when we can process everything that has happened, and when we are able to see how to move forward in our lives.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and even material wealth, and in Leo she's all about grand gestures, speaking her heart, and declaring her feelings. This is a strong love placement, meaning we will be unable to take a backseat to our own heart's desires, unable to talk ourselves into logic when our souls are screaming love.

In Leo, Venus becomes braver, more self-assured, and confident. This is radiant goddess energy that doesn’t use self-doubt or fear as a reason to not go after what she wants. 

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Uranus is about big change, but he’s in Taurus now, an earth sign that is grounded, and focused on stability and making the right choices. Uranus in Taurus may upend our lives, but it will undoubtedly be for our highest good; it will be about creating stronger foundations and laying the base for the future we want to create.  

Together, these two create the perfect storm for relationship changes. While breakups could still be a lingering possibility, especially if we were unable to move forward with them during Mercury retrograde, this aspect, coupled together with the new moon, is all about beginnings.

Maybe we don’t need to end things with a casual or even serious relationship; perhaps what we discovered is that it wasn’t that a connection needed to end, but that it needed to transition from one form to another. In that case, this square will bring about conversations regarding that new path, and will be reinforced by the moon’s desire to begin something new with Uranus’ focus on greater stability.  

For many, this is about new relationships or connections beginning or forming. Perhaps we’ve been talking with someone for a while, or even felt those old feelings return for an ex during the retrograde phase. But we’ve held back, put off speaking our truth or even in speaking our needs in desires.

All that changes with this square, because we will be feeling more confident, more driven to follow our hearts, and to speak our truth knowing that is the only thing we can control.

This square will emphasize themes in our love lives that have been under the microscope for some time. Whether it’s feelings of unworthiness, confidence or even low vibrational patterns, these themes will resurface, challenging us to see if we've worked through what has previously held us back.

The eclipses we experienced in July were supposed to be a time for us to let go of the coping mechanisms or beliefs that were an obstacle to us living our best lives. So, this square is a test to see if we’ve been able to do just that, or if we need to learn a few more lessons.

While relationship changes are unavoidable around this time, there will also be a strong desire for excitement, adventure and new experiences.

For those that are in stable, healthy relationships, expect this transit to manifest as shaking up the status quo and planning something out of the ordinary with one another. For those single or dating, this could be that moment when you let go of that long list of qualities your potential partner should have, and instead just go with what makes you happy.  

This truly is one of those moments where it’s not just about what changes will occur in our romantic lives, but exactly how much we've grown and changed ourselves.  

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