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Who Is JD Scott? Everything To Know About The Oldest Property Brother And His Mysterious Illness

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Who Is JD Scott? Everything To Know About The Oldest Property Brother And His Mysterious Illness

The Property Brothers have been turning drab houses into fab homes for a decade. Turn on HGTV and you're sure to see twins Jonathan and Drew Scott wheeling and dealing with their clients.

But did you know that there is a third Scott brother?

Who is JD Scott, the oldest property brother?

JD is the oldest of the Scott brothers at 43, and he's currently married to Annalee Belle. Everything was going well for him: His brothers renovated a home for him and his fiancee, wedding plans were progressing — but then he got sick. Really, really sick. He thought he was dying.

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What happened to him and what's his prognosis? Who is JD Scott and what is he up to now? Here's what we know about his relationship, illness, and bond with his twin brothers.

He's the oldest Scott brother.

Life must have been pure chaos in the Scott household when JD, Jonathan and Drew were growing up. He's the online host for the behind the scenes coverage of Brother Vs. Brother.

He's also been on a number of his brothers' other shows. He is featured on the HGTV series Property Brothers at Home and Property Brothers Forever Home

He's a celebrity impersonator.

Scott is a writer and founding member of Canadian sketch comedy group YFG. He's performed as a celebrity impersonator on stage in Las Vegas. He impersonates David Bowie and Adam Lambert.

He's also worked in the construction industry, like his brothers, renovating and flipping houses. 

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Scott opened up about his illness last summer.


A post shared by JD Scott (@mrjdscott) on Jul 8, 2019 at 6:30am PDT

For quite a while now, Scott has been battling a mysterious illness. He took to his Instagram in July 2019 to share a video about what he had been going through.

With his wife, Annalee Belle, by his side, he said, “I’ve been quite sick for the last 14 months. It started around May and there had been some symptoms before that, but ended up in the hospital because things got really bad, and that began the whole process. That event was so bad, I thought I was dying. I was preparing all my estate and everything for Annalee.”

Scott experienced extreme sensitivity to heat. Anything over 70 degrees made him feel like his skin was on fire and would make him pass out. Sometimes, he was out of commission for days. This made doctors believe that something was wrong with his brain. He had a number of MRIs and doctors decided to treat his symptoms like they were lupus.

Months later, they decided it wasn't lupus and said he had a brain aneurysm. Then, they said he had two brain aneurysms. Scott finally went to see a specialist and was diagnosed with a nummular headache. He was put on meds, which helped with the crawling feeling Scott had on his skull, but not the other symptoms.

He finally discovered that he had a severe infection.

While Scott was going through all these doctor visits and tests, he and Belle were also having their house renovated on the show Forever Home. Belle, a makeup artist, was doing makeup on the show and found out there was a Functional Doctor — a medical professional who uses natural and homeopathic approaches to illnesses — on set. 

The doctor took 25 vials of blood from Scott and discovered that he had a severe infection. He said of the doctor, “He said it’s possible that it has been there for quite a while, and that would have been setting off all these responses. My body was trying to fight it.”

The infection was discovered in June 2019. Scott was put on a round of antibiotics and an elimination diet and he's getting better, slowly but surely. 

He gave fans a health update in September 2019.

Scott addressed his well-being in a lengthy Facebook post last fall:

Scott and Belle tied the knot on Halloween 2019.

The couple got married in a private ceremony in Las Vegas last October. Their wedding had a vintage movie theater theme with concession style food. They said they wanted to do something that was "informal, fun, and super casual." 

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