Blogger Latasha K Is Suing Cardi B For Endangering Her High-Risk Pregnancy


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How does the old fashioned saying go? Ah yes. Mo' money, mo' problems. This is something that rapper and general bad-ass Cardi B is learning firsthand thanks to the latest legal dispute that has blown up in her face. What started off as flared tempers on social media has now morphed into something much uglier, and no one is coming out of this smelling like roses! 

After sharing an unflattering interview on her YouTube channel, blogger and internet personality Tasha K found herself receiving a tongue lashing from none other than Cardi herself. Now Tasha's claiming that Cardi went over the top and endangered the blogger's already high-risk pregnancy. Here's what we know so far. Who is Latasha K?


1. New Allegations

Cardi B, 26, is being sued for assault by a woman named Latasha K, at least, that's what's up according to TMZ who recently got their mitts on the court docs detailing the case. According to Latasha, Cardi egged on gang members, encouraging them to take care of the blogger. It isn't only Cardi she's alledging did wrong, either. 


According to Latasha, Cardi enlisted her friend Skeemo to post violent and upsetting messages about her on different social media platforms. According to Latasha, there's something that makes this even more apalling. She claims that she was in the first trimester of a particularly high risk pregnancy when all this went down and that all of these antics potentially endangered her baby. At one point Latasha was so scared about the threats Cardi and Skeemo were making that she called the FBI, which told her to relocate if her life was at serious risk. Latasha took the FBI's advice and now also wants Cardi B to pay her relocation fees as part of the $3 million lawsuit.

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2. How The Feud Began

This isn't the first time that Cardi and Latasha have crossed paths, nor is it the first time that it went bad. In 2018, Latasha shared a video on her YouTube channel where she interviewed a woman who claimed to have inside knowledge about Cardi, claiming all sorts of salacious things about the singer and she was not having it! 

The woman Latasha interviewed said that Cardi had a sexually transmitted disease, that she worked as a prostitute and that she abused drugs! Gee, I can't imagine why Cardi was pissed...not! After this interview went up, Cardi B sued Latasha, but the woman wasn't taking it laying down. She went ahead a countersued for slander and then, she added this latest claim: that Cardi caused harm to her pregnancy.

3. Cardi Claps Back

Clearly Cardi B is not a woman to sit by and let folks trash her in such ways. Thankfully, she's got a killer rep issuing their own hot takes: “Tasha K’s counterclaims are completely frivolous and have no merit,” she said. “Tasha K clearly seems to think that this lawsuit and the courts are her social media channel where she thinks that she can say anything she wants, without regard for the truth, harassing Cardi and her friends to try to gain reader to her blog at the expense of Cardi.”


This is failing — Tasha’s own words in interviews and documents show that her claims are completely false. Cardi fully expects that Tasha K’s claims will be dismissed, and that at the end of this case, Cardi will be victorious and Tasha K will be held accountable for the blatantly false things she has said, written and posted about Cardi, that Tasha K knew were false.”

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4. Who Is Tasha?

If you haven't heard of Latasha, let me break it down for you. While she's not as famous as Cardi B (by a long shot) this little mama does have a bit of her own celebrity cache. The Georgia native goes by Taska K and she's a well-known face on the internet with her YouTube channel and her personal bog. 

Tasha covers the gamut when it comes to the world of entertainment. In her owns words, the woman handles “exclusive entertainment news and celebrity gossip” with her videos, her podcast, website and Twitter account, called “UnWinewithTashaK”. Tasha had an Instagram account, but as of publishing she has deleted that entire account. Because of the lawsuit maybe? Your speculation is as good as mine. 

5. Tasha's Family Life 

If it seems out of place that Tasha is bringing her pregnancy into the mix, then you need to know that she has always been very public when it comes to talking about her babies and her family life in general. She has often talked about her first child, a daughter, on social media, and she doesn't seem to making any changes to her social media policy with the second pregnancy. 


While Tasha hasn't divulged whether or not she and her baby daddy have tied the knot, she had shared pics of the two of them together, making it clear that they are an item. She announced that she pregnant and at week 37 on June 29th, happy to share that news with the world. Perhaps doing so made her feel even more vulnerable to the perceived attacks she claims Cardi B is making against her. 

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