John Paul Jones Didn't Find Love With Hannah B. On 'The Bachelorette' So He's Off To Mexico To Try Again On 'Bachelor In Paradise' — Here's What He's Been Up To

Lets learn more about everyone's favorite free spirit bachelorette contestant.

Who Is John Paul Jones? New Details On 'The Bachelorette' Contestant Heading To 'Bachelor In Paradise'

John Paul Jones is an American heartthrob. He was a Disney prince look-a-like contestant on The Bachelorette. He is a financial analyst who was part of the 15th season of The Bachelorette. Hannah Brown is the current Bachelorette, and she eliminated the triple named goofball early. Due to a lot of drama in the season involving Luke P. and Luke S., he was overshadowed. Fans feel like because of all of the arguing between these two cast members, she didn't have enough time to really get to know our sweet but odd John Paul Jones. But that turns out to be good news for us! We get to see him for a full season of Bachelor in Paradise. But what do we really know about him. Before this season airs, lets sit back and ask ourselves: who is John Paul Jones?


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1. He cut off his hair for the woman he loved.

During a deleted scene of The Bachelorette, John Paul Jones decided, in an act of love, to ask Bachelorette Hannah Brown to cut off a lock of his hair so she could keep it forever and think of him. This is an odd thing to do, but John Paul Jones did it with such earnest commitment it was actually heartwarming. Hannah Brown boasted that she might actually do a good job cutting off a lock of his hair, citing that she comes from a family of cosmetologists. Getting choked up, John Paul Jones said, "There is more to me than my sort of funny playful side. Vincent Van Gogh showed sacrifice to his greatest love by cutting off his ear and giving it to her. So I wanted to let you cut off a piece of my hair, and I wanted you to keep it and think of me." While it's a little misguided being that Van Gogh, who had a lot of mental health issues, cut off his ear after a fight with fellow artist Paul Gaguin and gave it to a prostitute named Rachel, it is still oddly sweet in its own way. With tears in his eyes he pontificated "Love is feeling sacrifice for another person. I am willing to sacrifice." Who wants to be normal anyway?



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2. He drew the attention of the host of the show.

Everyone loved his funny antics and his weird way of seeing the world. Long-time host Chris Harrison had a few things to say about John Paul Jones. "John Paul Jones isn't as much a contestant as he is a mood. He's a way of life. He might be my new spirit animal." He seems to keep the cast on their toes. Before joining the cast of The Bachelorette, he was a financial analyst. However when asked on the show to list his occupation he wrote "John Paul Jones." He became a fan favorite when he would proclaim, "Yas Queen" as he received a rose. What a lovable little weirdo!



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3. You must use his full name.

John Paul Jones has a flair for spectacle. I feel this is best demonstrated when it comes to his name. He requests that everyone use his full name at all times. When entering the show and first meeting Bachelorette Hannah, he said, "My name is John Paul Jones, my friends call me John Paul Jones, so you can call me John Paul Jones" to which Hannah replied "Okay, John Paul Jones that's it... yea". And I mean come on, who wouldn't love that name? Not only does it have the pitter patter of alliteration that feels like chewing a piece of popcorn when spoken, and also sounds like alias for James Bond, it is also a name he shares with the bassist and keyboardist for rock band Led Zeppelin and a Revolutionary war hero, who is known as the father of the U.S. Navy. Pretty sweet right? I can't wait to see more of Jones, John Paul Jones.



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4. John Paul Jones take pride in his intellect. 

John Paul Jones attended the Catholic University of America, in Washington D.C. between the years of 2013-2017. He was a finance major and was enrolled in the school's Busch School of Business and Economics. He has his bachelors degree in finance. This thrust him into a career of Financial Analyst for 2U, a educational technology company that offers online degree programs to non-profit colleges and universities. He often boasts that he primarily uses three syllable words when speaking. That's hard to do because often times when trying to speak, there are no synonyms for what we want to say that have three or more syllables. Thinking specifically of his first, middle, and last name. Lavatory Paul (no synonyms) Dependence. Get it?


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