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Who Is Jake Etheridge? New Details On Canadian Country Singer MacKenzie Porter's Fiancé

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Who Is Jake Etheridge? New Details On Canadian Country Singer MacKenzie Porter's Fiancé

Canadian Country Singer MacKenzie Porter and her also musically talented love, Jake Etheridge got engaged on May 30. Etheridge said to People, that even though he knew she'd say yes, he was still nervous because he wanted it to be perfect for Porter. The couple celebrated their 5th anniversary of dating in March, so they seemed pretty ready to take their relationship to the next level! Etheridge said since the moment they met, he knew that he was going to marry Porter one day (so cute!). The couple is excited to start planning their wedding! Here is all about Jake Etheridge and how he proposed to his lovely future wife. 

1. Jake Etheridge And Country Music

Like his famous fiancée, Etheridge is also a country music artist. According to his biography on the Grand Ole Opry website, Etheridge is a South Carolina boy born into a musical family. He has a passion for music that started as a kid and is a member of the Dutch country band, The Common Linnets. Most recently, he starred in CMT's famous TV show Nashville. He's written nearly a dozen songs for the show and played the character Sean McPherson, a war veteran suffering from PTSD.


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2. A Secret Engagement 

Even though news just broke about the happy couple's engagament, Porter and Etheridge have been engaged for weeks now! The couple got enaged in late May and have been relishing this happy time for the two of them. Porter and Etheridge finally went public with their engagement on June 20th with instagram pictures posted by both of them. On a picture of them Etheridge wrote: "Annnnnnd....We gettin married y’all! Been secretly celebrating with our friends and family the past couple weeks now. I remember seeing Mack for the first time walking into our co-write wearing these crazy peace pants and thinkin I’m gonna marry that girl. I love you bebe". Porter wrote on her post, "YES YES YES YES YES!!! Lets get f****** MARRIED baby! We’ve been keeping this little secret for a few weeks now soaking it in with our family and friends and are so excited to share it with the world!


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3. The Proposal 

The proposal was romantic and happened in private without family or friends around. Porter told People that the night of the engagement, Etheridge took her out for an eight course meal at a new Indian restaurant in Nashville. They walked home from the restaurant together and when Porter opened up the door, there was a surprise waiting for her. She said, his favorite song [The Dark End of the Street by James Carr] was playing. The floor was covered in candles and roses, there was champagne on ice and he instantly got down on one knee. He said all of the sweet things and asked me to do forever with him!”


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4. Love At First Sight

Etheridge admits to People that meeting Porter was love at first sight for him. He said that night he called his mom to tell her he already found his future wife. Etheridge just knew she was the one! He says he remebers seeing Porter walk into her co-write wearing pants with peace signs on them. Her fashion choice gave him a glimpse into her personality and he already knew he was in love. 

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