Did Kristen Chenoweth Have Plastic Surgery? Check Out These Before & After Photos

She looked very refreshed at the Tonys.

Did Kristen Chenoweth Have Plastic Surgery? Check Out These Before & After Photos Getty

Did you happen to catch Kristin Chenoweth at the 2019 Tony Awards? Wasn't she looking amazing? Well, it seems there's a reason for that, and it's not being well-rested, hydrated and having a team of makeup artists at the ready.

Some doctors (note: not Chenoweth's) have weighed in on her changed appearance. Maybe it's a better skin care routine, or maybe the 51-year-old went under the knife to keep her youthful glow?


Did Kristin Chenoweth have plastic surgery?

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Let's find out. 

1. She has admitted to using Botox.

In 2011, Chenoweth admitted to getting Botox injections "regularly" to help with migraine pain.


She said, "When I was 35, I was having debilitating migraines about once a week. I went to my doctor in New York, and she said she wanted to give me five shots of Botox across my eyebrows. And I said, 'Oh, no. I make my living through my facial expressions.' And she said, 'You're not going to have a living if you can't work.' So I let her do it, and I haven't had a full-blown headache since."

While Chenoweth has always claimed that the reason she gets Botox is purely medical, plastic surgeons think she may be getting it for more than just that.

In 2019, after her appearance at the Tony's, Dr. Anthony Youn, who calls himself American's Holistic Plastic Surgeon, weighed in and believes that Chenoweth is no stranger to Botox.

He believes that she has had injections to smooth out the lines of her face. He also thinks she's had injectable fillers to plump her cheeks and lips.



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2. Chenoweth may have had multiple treatments done to her skin.

Dr. Youn also believes that Chenoweth upped her skin care regimen. He feels that she has to have had a number of skin treatments to give her the smooth, radiant skin that she has.

Aesthetic nurse specialist, Jill Caruso, agrees, saying, “It looks like she takes great care of her skin. Her regimen could include lasers, retinoids, moisturizers, serums and daily SPF.”


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3. Doctors suspect she's also had fillers.

Another doctor with no affiliation to Chenoweth weighed in on her improved appearance. Dr. Dennis Schimpf believes that her youthful appearance in her face is due to fillers.

He said, “With aging, the face tends to descend and get wider at the base or the jowls. Filler lifts the cheeks up and restores a more youthful roundness to the face and makes the lower face look more narrow sleek. Kristin’s lips appear fuller and more plump as well, likely due to her use of filler.”

4. What else has she had done?

According to Dr. Schimpf, Chenoweth has likely used micro-ablative lasers and chemical peels to improve the look of her skin. He also thinks that Chenoweth had eyelid surgery to make her eyes appear wider set.


Schimpf also believes that Chenoweth also had a nose job. He said, "Her nose appears smaller and slightly more up turned due to a rhinoplasty aka a nose job."

5. Did Kristen Chenoweth have plastic surgery? She may have also had an eye-lift.

Has Chenoweth also done something to improve the appearance of her eye area? Plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein seems to think so. He says, “You can see the lifting of the outer corner of the eye.”

So, whether or not she's really had any of these procedures done, Chenoweth is still looking stunning, nonetheless! 


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