Did Helen Hunt Have Plastic Surgery? Check Out These Before & After Photos

Shocking Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Photos: Before And After
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Beloved 1990s sitcom Mad About You returned on November 20, 2019, once again bringing lovable NYC couple Paul and Jamie Buchman, played by Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt, to your living room via Spectrum's On-Demand platform.

Reiser has shared that the aim of the revival is “not trying to bring it back to 1999. We’re not trying to go back to anything... the hope is that it’s sort of timeless and that it’s not confined to any period or anything topical."

Of course, while topics may be timeless, people are not, and when Helen Hunt appeared on Good Morning America back in December 2018 to promote her appearance on PBS series Shakespeare Uncovered, some viewers thought the Oscar-winner (and four time Emmy winner) looked... different than she had until recently.

Did Helen Hunt have plastic surgery? 

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Hunt, 56, has gone from playing ingenues in romantic comedies to taking on parts where she acts as a figure of wisdom and guidance to younger characters. While her choice of roles seems to indicate that she's embracing her age, the changes to her face suggest she might be trying to look more youthful and refreshed at the same time.

Here's what we know about the rumors that Helen Hunt had plastic surgery, as well as facts about the actress' life.

She's had an impressively long career.

Hunt is arguably best known for her Emmy-winning performance on Mad About You from 1992-1999, and for winning 1998's Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in As Good As It Gets opposite Jack Nicholson.

But her acting career actually began when she was 8 years old and she started studying acting with her father, legendary acting coach Gordon Hunt.

She's particularly well known by Gen X for her turn in a cult classic after-school special.

Anyone from Generation X will tell you that they remember Hunt from the after-school special, "Desperate Lives", where her character takes PCP once, then throws herself screaming out a window.

That scene, complete with a stunt double who may very well actually be a large rag doll, is an absolute classic among 1980s television specials.

The beautiful blonde has been aging gracefully.

Hunt in 2011 (Photo: Wikipedia)

In the 2018 film The Miracle Season, Hunt looked great, but she definitely wasn't the fresh-faced young actress she was earlier in her career — nor should she have been expected to be.

Her neck and forehead both showed signs of age and her face has taken on elegant contours that she didn't have when she was younger.


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Helen Hunt plastic surgery photos: did she get fillers and/or Botox?

After her appearance on GMA, however, many felt there was reason to think Hunt had some work done recently.

One doctor, who has not treated her, suggested she may have had fillers or Botox to change the appearance of her face.

Photos: Instagram/helenhunt

Did Helen Hunt have plastic surgery or undergo a full facelift?

Other doctors, who also haven't treated the actress, suggest she may have had a facelift, surgery to tighten her neck, or something as minimally invasive as a thread-lift. In October 2019, rumors of Hunt possibly having a facelift resurfaced as fans noticed how different the actress looked after appearing on World on Fire, a BBC drama series. 

Some fans even went as far as to take to Twitter, openly expressing their thoughts on how 'distracting' Hunt's possible facelift was when they were watching the show. However, other fans shot down these rumors, noting that it might actually be bad CGI and not surgery at all. 

Whether she did or didn't have work done, she's as beautiful and talented as ever.

Whatever Hunt is doing, we think she looks fantastic! We wish her a speedy recovery following her recent car accident in October 2019, and look forward to continue watching her career progress even more.

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