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Are Evelin And Corey Still Together? New Details On The '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Couple, His Reluctance To Move To Ecuador And Where They Are Now

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Are Evelin And Corey Still Together? New Details On The '90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way' Couple, His Reluctance To Move To Ecuador And Where They Are Now

The show is about “six Americans abandoning life in the U.S. to start over in a foreign country,” the show explained in a promo. In this case, Corey is committing to going to Ecuador with his fiancé Evelin, where she lives. Who are these people, how did they meet, and what’s the point of this show? Are Evelin and Corey still together?

1. Corey, 31, met 26-year-old Evelin while he was traveling in Ecuador

The Internet says they met in a beachy, tourist town while he was backpacking. The feeling was mutual, and two weeks later, Corey followed Evelin to her hometown of Engabao.

2. Engabao was an adjustment for Corey to say the least

He called it “very third world” and “covered with pigs.” Despite the discomfort, they became a couple and lasted four years, and now they’re ready to take things to the next level. When Evelin said she didn’t want to move to the States, Corey decided he’d bite the bullet for them instead. He speaks some Spanish, but the show depicts him having a hard time settling in. Apparently one of the first things he asks when he arrives back in Ecuador is, “Hello, You have Wifi?”

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3. Oh, but there’s drama!

In the promo, Corey is shown asking Evelin: “What happened with your ex? Is he out of your life or not? And where’s your ring? Where?” Then Evelin responds: “I don’t want to wear [a] ring.” So Corey says, “Exactly! For real. Are you in it or not?” And her answer is: “I guess I’m not.” Wow. Wild. At the end of the trailer, he storms away, leaving the audience with a taunting cliffhanger.

4. Naturally, Corey is stressed

Corey has already expressed concern about what fans are going to think about his future wife, and how the show will portray them. (But she’s the one that got them into the show). I’m on the edge of my seat. I’ll probably go watch the show tonight to settle me.

5. Twitter responds

The best part of watching 90-Day Fiancé is following along with the hilarious Twitter responses. Here's a few of our favorite Evelin/Corey tweets:

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