6 Zodiac Signs Who Need Constant Reassurance

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zodiac signs who need constant reassurance

We all need reassurance from time to time; it’s not usual to want to hear that we’re loved, doing a good job, or that we have value. But wanting constant reassurance can indicate insecurity, lack of confidence, and too much dependence on the opinions of others.

And if we consider astrology, there are certain zodiac signs who need constant reassurance more than others. In fact, they may be referred to as needy zodiac signs because they constantly want to be reassured, which can annoy others. At first, people are more than happy to tell you they love you, but the more you ask, the more irritating it can be, and it can affect your relationship.

Having someone assure you once in a while is healthy, but requiring it repeatedly makes you needy. Confidence is hot, but depending on other people to make you feel good about yourself isn’t. It isn’t another person’s responsibility to remove all your doubts and fears; it’s up to you! 

There are many reasons someone might need reassurance: they feel insecure, are on shaky ground, don’t have a plan, are dependent on someone else to help them to move forward, need a boost in their self-confidence and self-worth, or are simply seeking approval.

You need to stand on your own without other people propping you up. And the only reassurance you truly need is your own inner voice encouraging you.

1. PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces need constant reassurance because they're over-sensitive and pessimistic, so they expect things to go wrong or for disasters to happen. They can't trust that sometimes things are just great, and that even if something negative happens, the happiness you had was worth it.

Being emotionally manipulated seems to happen to Pisces all the time. Maybe they're too gullible or trusting, but whatever the reason, it makes them need a boost from time to time.

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2. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Speaking of being ultra-sensitive, the sign of Cancer can be somewhat overemotional and focus too much on the negative. Cancers can't stand getting hurt, but it seems to happen to them repeatedly and can make them clingy. 

They need to be reassured every step of the way with a relationship if they're going to trust again. They don't want to be suspicious of someone's intentions towards them, but the past has shown them too often that they should never assume someone has their best interests at heart.

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3. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

When you're a perfectionist like Virgo, you're constantly setting yourself up for failure. Virgos need to be supported and praised so they can see their failures as lessons and keep moving forward.

They tend not to trust that they are enough, and have some deep-seated insecurities. Reassurance from loved ones, colleagues, and friends helps to lift Virgo up and continue forward. And maybe, by the reassurance they receive from others, it will help them be kinder to themselves.

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4. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Are there some super-confident Libras? Yes, but even the Libras who are extremely self-confident have insecurities need reassurances from time to time. Libras need to hear from their work that they're doing a great job; they need confirmation that they killed it on stage or that their party was a huge hit; they need to know from their partner that they look great or they're super talented.

Reassurance is just reinforcing what Libra knows deep down, but they need to hear it from someone else for it to feel true.

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5. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Geminis tend to be anxious, and one way to help alleviate their anxiety is by being reassured. Geminis are extremely intelligent and fun to be around, but sometimes they feel as if their ideas aren't being taken seriously.

They need to be reassured so they're able to stop doubting themselves and their abilities. Geminis can rule the world if they commit to doing so, they just need to feel supported in order to do it. 

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6. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorns work very hard, but they still feel undervalued sometimes, so they need constant reassurance to help them continue on. Capricorns sometimes need to be reassured that their efforts are not only being recognized but will lead to accolades and awards in the future. 

They also feel that people aren't seeing their fun or wild side, and that they're thought of as boring or not fun. They need to know that their doubts and fears that no one will want to hang out with them are unfounded. 

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