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29 Dermal Piercings With Tattoos To Inspire You To Add A Little Glam To Your Ink

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Dermal piercing tattoos — also known as microdermal piercings and single point piercings — can be used as unique piercings that complement tattoos, or piercings used as the tattoo itself. For instance, you may get a dermal piercing that looks like the eye of an animal or the jewel on a crown.

Because dermal piercings lie flat on the skin, tattoo artists and professional piercers can get pretty creative with them to create intricate designs, bedazzle a standard tattoo design, or even add some 3D charm to a 2D tattoo.

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By putting a titanium anchor under the surface of your skin with a dermal punch, you can insert and remove dermal jewelry from the anchor easily, making any part of your body as interchangeable and fashionable as your ear with earrings.

While traditional tattoos are cool as-is, adding flair to your tattoo designs with dermal piercings, or creating your own tattoos out of the piercings themselves, is truly unique. The microdermal piercings let you experiment with different textures, colors and shapes without having to redo your tattoo!

However, any form of body modification has its risks, and dermal piercing is no exception. According to Bustle, the placement of dermal piercings (i.e., how shallow or deep they are in your skin) and how long the anchor stays underneath your skin can pose serious dangers.

Although these risks shouldn’t totally discourage you from getting a dermal piercing, they should remind you to take the piercing process seriously. Go to a licensed professional to receive a dermal piercing, follow all care instructions to a "T", and discuss the health risks of the procedure with a trusted physician.

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With all the PSA stuff out of the way, we can now enjoy the awesome, intriguing (and maybe a bit strange) dermal piercing tattoo ideas in the images below. Get inspired to make your own microdermal piercing tattoo designs or to add to your already-beautiful tattoo!

With microdermal piercings, there’s no limit to what you can do.

1. When you want your tattoo to move.

Credit: Almost Famous Piercing

2. Catch someone's eye with a dermal piercing in an eye tattoo.

Credit: Pinterest

3. Make the stars shimmer with rhinestone single-point piercings.

Credit: Piercing Easily

4. Give a key tattoo its sparkle.

Credit: The Style Up

5. When you want to give your flower tattoo life, add some rhinestone dermal piercings to the leaves.

Credit: Reddit

6. When you need a small, tasteful ear tattoo with a small glamorous dermal piercing.

Credit: Ask Ideas

7. Go to the extreme with multiple dermal piercings to create shapes and unique designs.

Credit: Fashion Lady

8. Glam up a classic rose tattoo with a purple dermal piercing.

Credit: skindoodler on Instagram

9. The perfect rhinestone dermal piercing as a center to your mandala tattoo.

Credit: The Style Up

10. Rhinestone microdermal piercings as eyes for a large chest tattoo with birds, with some added nipple piercings too.

Credit: Flickr

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11. A pearl dermal piercing with a seashell tattoo is the perfect combination.

Credit: Rock-Cafe

12. When you want to draw attention to your infinity tattoo with some colored rhinestone dermal piercings.

Credit: Bodified

13. When you love bedazzling your owl tattoo.

Credit: Piercing Models

14. Be a real metalhead with extreme dermal piercings.

Credit: Buzzfeed

15. Get a corset look with a tattoo and microdermal piercings all in one.

Credit: Buzzfeed

16. When you want cute and intimidating piercings.

Credit: Buzzfeed

17. When you want to add some sparkle and class to your ankle tattoo.

Credit: Pinterest

18. A music tattoo with a dermal ear piercing. 

Credit: Demiliked

19. Finish your cat tattoo with rhinestone dermal piercings as eyes.

Credit: Turkolmak

20. When you love jewels and scorpion tattoos.

Credit: Piercing Studio

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21. Add flare to a rib tattoo with a single-point piercing.

Credit: Smoking Guns Tattoo Art Studio

22. A color dragonfly tattoo sparkles with a simple dermal piercing.

Credit: Pinterest

23. Make your crown tattoo sparkle with a rhinestone dermal piercing. 

Credit: Pinterest

24. Add a bit of glam to a traditional wrist tattoo with a microdermal piercing.

Credit: atipikotattoos on Instagram

25. A geeky Pokemon tattoo glammed up with a rhinestone dermal piercing.

Credit: visualsquare on Instagram

26. Add simple dermal piercings to a large side tattoo to make the stars sparkle.

Credit: Piercing Easy

27. Single point piercings bring a bit of sexy glam to a hip tattoo and belly button piercing.

Credit: Pinterest

28. Dermal piercings can accentuate a simple, pretty flower tattoo.

Credit: Piercing Models

29. A microdermal piercing as an eye for a bird tattoo.

Credit: chardubz on Instagram

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