30 Best Ideas To Get For Third Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate this milestone.

Great gifts for third anniversary getty

The third year of marriage is a milestone of sorts. At that point, you're not really a newlywed anymore, but your marriage probably still feels pretty fresh and new.

The traditional 3rd anniversary gift is leather, symbolic in its flexible durability, much like your marriage. But crystal or glass are also common anniversary gifts because it’s beautiful but also fragile and delicate, just like love.


Whether you choose a gift of leather, glass, or something else entirely, there are plenty of fun and exciting gift options out there that your partner is sure to love.

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1. Lulu Dharma Cream Square Belt Bag

Leather, which is symbolic of the marriage reaching a stage of flexible durability, can work in many forms that your love can certainly appreciate. This belt bag is an essential for every women’s closet and is perfect for her to take on your next adventure together.

(Lulu Dharma, $56)


2. Ora Delphine Evelyn Satchel in Aspen

This chic genuine pebbled leather satchel is perfect for going from day to night with its removable shoulder straps. For her, this bag will always be a go-to and no-brainer, which certainly makes getting ready for those date nights less of a headache for you too.

(Ora Delphine, $395)


3. Personalized Bottles of Messina Hof Winery’s Paulo Sagrantino

Include your best wishes to the couple or commemorate the date you tied the knot on the bottle itself, and then enjoy it together! From the most award-winning winery in the state, Messina Hof’s Paulo Sagrantino is as unique as it exceptional, garnering a rare Gold Medal at 2017 AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge.

(Messina Hof, $60/bottle + $20/one time design)


4. SodaStream Fizzi

SodaStream is the perfect gift and can help every couple save time, money, the environment, and eliminates the hassle of lugging sparkling water back from the grocery story. The machine is very sleek and fits perfectly in any kitchen without needing electricity.

(Soda Stream, $89.99)


5. Parker Safety Razor Parker Saddle Brown Leather Toiletry Bag

Parker Safety Razor's full-size saddle brown leather toiletry bag is the perfect travel companion. It will hold all your essentials while protecting them and the rest of your luggage. It is also handy for keeping your toiletry products in one place while at home.

(Super Safety Razors, $57)


6. Personalized Family Wreath Leatherette Sign

Traditionally, a great 3rd year anniversary gift is made of leather. Stick with tradition by giving an animal-friendly alternative! This vegan leather (aka faux leather) wall sign can be personalized with your family name.

(28 Collective, $36)

7. VinGardeValise Grand 05 Wine Suitcase


VinGardeValise is a super-durable suitcase with room enough for two, and which also doubles as a shatter-proof container for wine. What better way to celebrate than stowing the same vintages as from the wedding on one side, clothes on the other, and taking off for a romantic long weekend?

(Vingarde Valise, $329.99)

8. Ivančić Griffin Rosé


Krešimir Ivančić is a young winemaker who is among the first in Croatia to introduce the new technology of producing wine and sparkling wines with cold maceration. This sparkling wine has expressed aromas of raspberry, cherry and strawberry, and rich pink color.

(The Wine and More, $27)

9. Kisses 4 Us


Each Kisses 4 Us soft-touch laminated box is filled with 30 Unique Kiss Cards-each card contains an explanation of the type of kiss, plus extra trivia, fun facts and tips to enhance your kiss experience. It includes 5 "Create Your Own" Cards and an Idea Book.  

(Etsy, $19.99)

10. Heart-Shaped Deep-Dish Pizza from Giordano's


Celebrate your anniversary with a fun date night in... by shipping yourself some of these adorable heart-shaped pizzas from Giordano's, one of the very few pizza companies that can be credited with pioneering the international reputation that Chicago has for stuffed deep-dish pizza.

(Giordano's, $75/2-pack)

11. VivoBarefoot Men's Ababa Leather Shoes


Available in men and women’s, the Ababa is a simple, hand-stitched and comfortable leather shoe. Additionally, you can feel good about your purchase, knowing that profits from the Ababa are donated to the Soul of Africa Trust to support local projects in Ethiopia, focused on building futures for disadvantaged kids.

(VivoBarefoot, $105)

12. Ellie Activewear Subscription Box

Trying to keep active? Ellie delivers a monthly subscription box with fresh new styles every time to keep her stylish while being active. It's a great way to motivate for your joint couples fitness goals.

(Ellie, $40/month)

13. BLU Notebooks


As a couple, you may be trying to plan out your goals. Write it down with this notebook that has an aesthetically pleasing and soothing effect when using vibrantly pigmented white and colored gel ink against the rich blue pages.

(Blu Notebooks, $21)

14. Leather Tray with your Vows or Song

These personalized leather trays are great as an anniversary gift. They are so useful and elegantly designed, and are made with genuine, premium hand-dyed leather.


(Etsy, $79+)

15. Personalized Leather Journal

The triple-wrap refillable journal is designed to securely hold one stitch-bound notebook at-a-time inside simple elastic binding. The “clasp” is how the leather strap attaches to the journal. Keep it simple with the plain leather strap, add a rustic touch with a juniper wood button, or add a splash of color with a polished natural gemstone.


(Etsy, $28+)

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16. Personalized Leather Bracelet

This bracelet is custom-made for her and engraved with names or initials, making it a perfect way to celebrate an anniversary.

(Etsy, $49.99+)

17. Three-Year Anniversary Wine Glass


This hilariously funny and unique wine glass is sure to put a smile on her face every time she reaches for it and fills it with her favorite beverage.

(Etsy, $16.99+)

18. Holy S*** We're Still Married Anniversary Gift

Celebrate your love with this long-lasting anniversary bookmark that says "Holy s***, we're still married," along with a lovely arrow through the center.


(Etsy, $17+)

19. Grey Leather Handmade Rose

Give this grey leather handmade rose to your special someone to celebrate an anniversary. Each flower has been made by hand using UK-sourced, genuine leather and felt for the leaves.

(Etsy, $19.78+)

20. White Leather Rose Glass Dome


This white leather wedding rose in a glass dome makes the perfect gift. And best of all, it will last forever! It's made of very high-quality, thin genuine leather.

(Etsy, $79.90)

21. LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger

This 2-in-1 phone charger lantern combines two products in one: ultra-bright inflatable lantern, and portable solar phone charger. It's the all-purpose solar device to light up your night wherever you are, while charging your phone on the go.


(Luminaid, $49.99)

22. Sugarwish

Send her an e-card to choose the candy or snack of her choice, shipped in a box with a sweet message and personalized. It’s the perfect way to send a token that she’s loved and appreciated.

(Sugarwish, starts at $19.50)

23. Living DNA

Praised by journalists and genealogists for its accuracy and privacy/security policies, Living DNA reveals your family's ethnic analysis with percentages from 80 regions and subregions from over the past 10 generations. You will also discover your ancient ancestors' movements at several points in time between 80,000 to 150,000 years ago.


(Living DNA, $99)

24. Olive & Cocoa Customized Serving Tray

A perfect marker of life’s monumental milestones, this rustic tray is hand crafted in the USA and can be customized with a last name up to 12 characters, plus the year of marriage.


(Olive and Cocoa, $148)

25. Freshstart DogiPack Organizational Dog Walking Belt

Maybe it's not romantic, but it's real! And making your partner's life easier is the best gift of all. Your pup is possibly your first (or only) baby so far in your life, and taking the time to cherish that part of your routine and make it more streamlined is romantic where it matters.


(Dogipack, $39)

26. The Vice Pinot Nior Rosé

For an year anniversary when things are still light, fun and flirty, give a bottle of Vice Pinot Nior Rose 2018. The rosé of Pinot Noir is filled with fruity aromas with crisp minerality, and then turns playful with an elegant, long fruity finish and it always leaves you wanting more.


(PJ Wine, $16.99)

27. The Night Sky Map

The Night Sky makes it simple to create an 18"x24" star map of the night your heart skipped a beat. Each unique and personalized star map is printed on high-quality, Art Matte paper. Choose from eight different styles at any place or time in the world to memorialize what is special to you or to the recipient.


(The Night Sky, $60+)

28. Pepper & Cream Frasier Backpack

Let your love know that wanderlust is on the mind. The Pepper & Cream Frasier Backpack is a perfect essential for the couple who loves adventure, no matter how big or small.

(Lulu Dharma, $68)

29. Tivoli Audio Model One Digital


Give the partner that’s been there through it all the ultimate gift of retro style and killer sound with Tivoli Audio’s latest radio, the Model One Digital. It's perfect for couples that like to kick it old-school.

(Tivoli Audio, $299.99)

30. YUNI Beauty Carry OM Stress Relieving Aromatherapy Essence 


Marriage is about the highs and lows. At some point, you'll settle into a life routine of work and bills and stress. Remind each other to relax and enjoy with this powerful blend of mood lifting essential oils of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Orange & Cedar, in a portable rollerball package for easy application.

(Yuni Beauty, $14)

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