The Best Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year (From Your First Anniversary To Your 50th)

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The Best Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Your wedding anniversary is right around the corner! If you want to surprise your husband or wife with a traditional wedding anniversary gift, you may need some help finding the perfect item, from paper to iron to gold, depending on how many years you two have been married.

Whether you're celebrating your first wedding anniversary or your 50th wedding anniversary together, we've got the perfect gift ideas for you!

Here are some of the best traditional wedding anniversary gift ideas by year that are sure to delight your spouse:

Year 1: Paper For Her

Customized print,

Anything customized is always an instant winner because it's more personal. This print shows just how much you love your beautiful bride, even more now than on your wedding day. The picture itself is so gorgeous, but the meaning behind it makes it just that much more special. 

Year 1: Paper For Him

Sports Illustrated Magazine subscription,

This is a no-brainer. Sports Illustrated or any other kind of magazine subscription is perfect for your first-anniversary gift! Your hubby gets a little reminder of your love every month. On the plus side some sites give you a two for one with subscriptions, so you can throw one in for yourself!

Year 2: Cotton For Her

Handmade Personalized Cotton Spa Robe,

Who doesn't want to feel like they are at the spa all day long?! This robe is SO comfy that you could nap in it. Make it complete with some face masks and maybe a bottle of champagne and you will have one happy wife. 

Year 2: Cotton For Him

Multi-color Luxury Cotton  Handkerchiefs,

Oh, you like being fancy huh? These handkerchiefs give you a professional flair without being boring. Your hubby knows that sleek and styling handkerchiefs are hard to come by. So you just gifted him a goldmine. 

Year 3: Leather For Her

Tuscany Leather across the body bag, $85,

It's time to get excited because the third year of an anniversary is leather, which means handbags ladies! Or any other leather accessories that your heart desires. If you're a man looking at this, then get shopping! You can score some stylish leather pieces that will make your wife as happy as a kid in a candy store. 

Year 3: Leather For Him

Torino Leather belt, $80,

Now here's a handsome looking belt for a good-looking chap. A nice leather belt can pull any outfit together. Belts don't have to be just functional, they can be simply stunning too. 

Year 4: Fruit/Floral For Her

Fruit shaped candles,

Candles are one of life's small pleasures that we are lucky enough to enjoy. When a candle smells great and looks fantastic you know you've hit the jackpot! These fruit shaped candles are an absolutely perfect anniversary gift.

Year 4: Fruit/Floral For Him


Belgian White, Dark, and Milk chocolate covered strawberries,

The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach right? Well, these are a treat and a half because they are soooo delicious. Hopefully, your husband will be willing to share. 

Year 5: Wood For Her

Hand-painted wood jewelry box, $79.99,

This jewelry box is absolutely gorgeous. Every woman wants a place to put her jewelry so why not give her a beautiful handmade wooden masterpiece? If you couldn't decide on a gift, then you're welcome! 

Year 5: Wood For Him

Napa Collection wine rack, $69.95,

Whether your man is a wine connoisseur or just a simple wine guy, this present is perfect for him! A gift like this will work in any home and make you want to buy some bottles just to get a collection going. Make your party guests green with envy with this wooden gem!

Year 6: Iron For Her

Iron decoration for your wall,

This gift is sweet and sentimental. The love that you share can be represented on your wall forever to serve as a reminder of your true love. Waking up every morning to see it on your wall will be a great way to start your day off right.

Year 6: Iron For Him


Bookend set,

This bookend is fresh, fun and really unique. Perfect for a library or even just to hold the book of the week on your bedside table. This unique gift is absolutely perfect for making this anniversary gift one to remember. 

Year 7: Copper For Her

Candle holders,

Candles are an essential part of getting a sense of ambiance in your home. These candle holders are upgrades that add a touch of sophistication. When you use these bad boys you'll feel super classy. 

Year 7: Copper For Him

Moscow Mule mug set,

Time to party! You finally have an excuse to drink Moscow Mules all day every day. Provide the limes, ginger beer, and vodka to make this gift complete! Don't forget a mint garnish. Trust me it makes the drink so delicious!

Year 8: Bronze For Her


Dragonfly wind chimes,

Wind chimes always make a windy day tolerable when you hear the beautiful sounds they make. A lovely design like this will make your neighbors and anyone else super jelly. That's what we call a win-win. 

Year 8: Bronze For Him

Bottle opener,

It's an emergency! You got home from a long day at work and need a beer stat. But where is the opener?! Well, you don't ever have to worry about that again when you get this opener. It's big enough to not loose and sleek enough to be both unique and functional. 

Year 9: Willow/Pottery For Her

Picnic basket,

Get your wine, cheese, and fruit ready because its time to go on a picnic. You'll be prepared with this basket because both your wine glasses and plates will already be safely tucked away. This makes planning your wife a getaway picnic way easier. 

Year 9: Willow/Pottery For Him


Shaving bowl,

Who's says shaving can't be an elegant experience? This shaving bowl begs to differ. It's a gift your husband will appreciate and love. Plus if you're a non-scruff kinda gal this is an A+ for keeping your man smooth just the way you like it. 

Year 10: Aluminum For Her

Espresso Machine, 

Espresso? Yaaaassss. This is an amazing gift for your coffee loving wife. Waking up every morning and knowing that you can start off the day with a piping hot espresso will make anyone a morning person. 

Year 10: Aluminum For Him

Golf bag napkin weight,

When you think of napkin weights you probably snooze a little, they are typically boring. But not this one. If your man is a golfer then he will appreciate this little gem. It's the little details around your home that bring out personality, people notice that. So will your man.

Year 15: Crystal For Her

Crystal vase, $95,

Magnificent flowers deserve a beautiful home. This vase is gorgeous and will dress up any area of the house. If you bring this vase filled with a dozen of her favorite flowers, then you might just be husband of the year. 

Year 15: Crystal For Him


Whiskey gift set,

Whiskey is essential to some men's diets. If your husband falls into that category then there is no gift that can top this! If he hasn't dabbled in whiskey, he will after receiving this set. 

Year 20: China For Her


Salad plate, $45,

Give her a gorgeous china salad plate that she can use on special occasions — or just for her midnight snack of cheese and crackers. It's so pretty, she'll find as many excuses to use it!

Year 20: China For Him

Coffee cup and saucer,

Make the after dinner coffee better with a dashingly handsome royal blue cup. This cup and saucer set is fancy but not over the top. And strong enough to hold some bold flavored coffee. Ladies you can use the cup when your husband is away. We know you'll want to. 

Year 25: Silver For Her

Heart shaped pendant necklace,

Time to get some glitz jewelry! After 25 years you deserve a beautiful necklace. This gift is glamorous and a meaningful symbol of your relationship! It's great to surprise your special lady with some sparkling diamonds.

Year 25: Silver For Him


Silver key/watch chain,

Okay, fellas, you deserve something finely crafted too. This chain is great for your keychain or even a pocket watch. A dazzling and practical gift all in one!

Year 30: Pearl For Her

Pearl drop earrings, $95,

Is there a more beautiful combination than pearl and gold? These stunning earrings are what you want to wear when you're trying to be a show-off! They will look amazing on anyone and brighten up any outfit.

Year 30: Pearl For Him

Pearl cufflinks,

Cufflinks are the icing on the cake to most suits. Your husband will have the most put-together and sleek look out of anyone in town. The pearl makes them look classy and handsome, just like your man. 

Year 35: Coral For Her

Long coral necklace, $89.95,

Necklaces are meant to be a nice addition to any outfit, but this necklace will MAKE your outfit. The coral color really pops, and you can get it in jade too. Men look no further because here is the perfect gift.

Year 35: Coral For Him


Coral good luck charm,

Everyone could use a bit of good luck. Especially when you have a lucky charm that's as vibrant and colorful as this one is. Plus its made of 100 percent Mediterranean Sea coral, how cool is that?

Year 40: Ruby For Her

Heart pendant necklace,

Rubies have a way of standing out and catching peoples eyes. If you aren't into ruby red slippers. Sorry, Dorothy! Then a royal ruby necklace is an effortless way to add a pop of red.

Year 40: Ruby For Him


Ruby Sundial,

If you are looking for a unique gift this is the one. A perfect gift for a 40th wedding anniversary and a way to show off your sentimental and loving side to your husband. You can show him that your love is timeless.

Year 45: Sapphire For Her


Heart necklace, $57.37,

This is a show stopper. Sapphire with a two-tone heart pendant, there are not many necklaces this beautiful. Your wife will love it! There are not a lot of women as beautiful as your wife.

Year 45: Sapphire For Him

Tie bar,

Ties have never looked so good! This tie bar has a great look, and the sapphire gem really helps add some flair. Dressing up for the occasion is easy when you have accessories like this.

Year 50: Gold For Her


Real rose dipped in gold,

A REAL rose dipped in GOLD. Who wouldn't want that? It's a beautiful and thoughtful gift for your golden anniversary. It's a present that will truly make this anniversary a special one. 

Year 50: Gold For Him


Money clip,

This gold money clip is the perfect way to keep your cash in check. Your husband will be more than appreciative. Now just have him spend that wad of money on you!

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