Woman Disappointed After She & Her Husband Are Given A Card Signed By The Restaurant Staff For Their Anniversary Dinner

Is it really the thought that counts?

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A woman received mixed reactions after sharing her experience at a restaurant with her husband to celebrate their anniversary. She took to TikTok to share the sweet, but uncommon gift she and her husband received from the restaurant staff to commemorate their celebratory meal.

While some people believe that the restaurant went above and beyond, the woman, as well as others, claimed that they could have done more.


The woman and her husband were given a handwritten card signed by the entire restaurant staff for their anniversary.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 8,000 times, Amy Maurer Creel explained that she and her husband decided to go to a new restaurant to celebrate their anniversary.

Upon making the reservation, Creel claimed that the restaurant offered customers the option to inform them if they were celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, graduation, or anniversary. She checked off the anniversary box so the restaurant staff would be prepared with their celebratory traditions.


However, when Creel and her husband arrived at the restaurant, she was surprised by what she found on the table waiting for them.



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“There was this card on the table, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s really nice,’” she explained. “I opened it up, and it says ‘Happy Anniversary’ and it was signed by everyone who works at the restaurant.” Creel showed off the touching, handwritten card that was left on the table.


While she appreciated the card, she thought staff should have done more to celebrate her and her husband’s anniversary.

“A free dessert maybe would have meant more,” Creel admitted, noting that a card seemed unnecessary since she does not personally know any of the restaurant staff. “Am I just an [expletive]? Cause I was really disappointed when I opened this,” she confessed, adding that she would have preferred a complementary piece of cake instead.

Many commenters agreed believing that a free dessert would have been more appropriate than a card.

“I agree with that. I have an anniversary coming up and definitely expect dessert,” one user wrote. “We had our 30th recently and got free champagne with dessert … a card is so lame!” another exclaimed. “You’re not an [expletive]. That’s super weird of them,” another user noted.

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There was plenty of support for what was considered an original and kind gesture on the restaurant’s behalf.

“I actually love the touch. It probably took a lot to get every employee to sign that card,” one user wrote. “I would have loved it more than a dessert,” another admitted. And some criticized Creel for looking for a freebie, adding, “You don't always get a free item just because you think your occasion is special.”

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Creel's video also raised the question as to whether or not restaurants should offer complementary items to their customers who are celebrating a special occasion.


While it is certainly a kind gesture, restaurants are not required to give their customers freebies despite what they are celebrating. There are, however, a few chain restaurants that offer free dessert and special food or drinks on your anniversary including Applebee’s, Del Taco, and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

While a handwritten note may not have enticed the Creel's like a free slice of cake would, it is the thought that counts!

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