Who Is Leonard Hochstein ? New Details On Plastic Surgeon Suing Patients For Negative Reviews

Can you believe the nerve of this guy?

Who Is Leonard Hochstein ? New Details On Plastic Surgeon Suing Patients For Negative Reviews Instagram

Leonard "Lenny" Hochstein is a Miami based plastic surgeon. He is 52-years old and the owner of Hochstein Med Spa in Miami Beach, Florida. He's big with the Real Housewives of Miami. He’s become one of the most famous cosmetic surgeons in the U.S. Now he's in the news for a very strange reason — he's suing two patients who posted negative reviews of his work on Yelp, saying they ruined his business. Who is Leonard Hochstein?


1. His nickname is Boob God

The Boob God recieved his nickame due to his fantastic work in breast implants and argumentations. He is also one of the most famous cosmetic surgeons in America. His clients are celebrities, models and porn stars. His wife is Lisa Hochstein who is from The Real Housewives Of Miami on Bravo. He also has a YouYube channel called BreastImplants Miami with 187 subscribers and eight videos that demonstrate different procedures such as breast lifting, argumentation and before and after videos. Leonard made an appearance on Miami Slice in 2004, a show about Miami's plastic surgeons, their lives and careers.



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2. Bad Reputation

Leonard has decided to take matters into his own hands and sue his patients who've posted negative reviews about his practice and his surgerys that he conducted on Yelp. He spoke to Nicole George and Kristen LaPointe and had them sign a document sayinh  that they would not leave comments that would speak negatively about his practice. He made them aware that if they decided to speak about him or his practice in a negative light he would sue. At the time of their servives from Hochstein, the patients signed in a non-disparangement agreement to pay $25,000 in damages per slander if they went against the written document. Most of his new clients are referred by his former clients, which is why having a good repuation is very important for his image and the Hochstein Med Spa.



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3. Nicole & Kristen

Nicole George, one of the women who is dissastisfied with the service she recieved from Dr. Leonard Hochstein, states she does not believe she was well taken care of as a patient. She went in for a Mommy Makeover which included a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation and breast lift. After she called to express her concerns about the surgery there wasn't any sympathy from Leonard about her issues. Nicole included that she only signed the documnent because she thought that it was standard procedure for every plastic surgeon and was not aware of the effects it would have. Kristen LaPointe went into the office for a breast augmentation and was not pleased with the results. The size she ended up with was not what she requested. Her breasts were 55cc over what she asked for. She also  experienced terrible scarring after the surgery.



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4. Taking it to court 

Dr. Leonard Hochstein has decided to move forward with his cases against Nicole George and Kristen LaPointe. He is suing them because of the false information and accusations made agasinst him. He would have preferred if the women just told him that they didn't like the work that was done post surgery. Hochstein has had a license to practice medicine since 1995 and he has no record of discipline or complaints against him with the state Department of Health. A Miami Dade judge will review the case to determine if the claims made against Leonard are accurate or not, and the women have decided that they will not be taking down the negative reviews without a fight.

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