Who Is Eva Marcille's Baby Daddy? New Details On The 'RHOA' Star's Pregnancy

Eva Marcille is expecting her third child.

Who Is Eva Marcille's Baby Daddy? New Details On The 'RHOA' Star's Pregnancy Instagram

Eva Marcille has just announced that she's expecting her third child. But who is the "RHOA" star's baby daddy? 

According to Life and StyleEva Marcille — who is currently enjoying a successful stint on the hit Bravo show, Real Housewives of Atlanta — is currently pregnant with her third child. Eva’s third pregnancy is thanks to her relationship with Michael Sterling, with whom she has another child. (Eva’s first child is a product of an earlier relationship with Kevin McCall.)


But, as with everything else related to the Real Housewives franchise, Eva Marcille’s latest pregnancy is not without its share of drama and controversy. Here’s what we know about Eva Marcille’s latest pregnancy, her baby daddy, and the drama around it all. Who Is Eva Marcille's Baby Daddy? 

1. Her first baby daddy claims to be the “real father” of her third child

It seems like the female stars of the various Real Housewives franchise aren’t the only ones who bring drama. According to EurWEB, the men are just as guilty of bringing the drama as the women are. EurWEB is reporting that Kevin McCall, who is the father of Eva’s first child, made headlines when Eva announced her most recent pregnancy because he claimed that he — not Michael Sterling — was the “real father” of the baby (whose sex has not yet been announced). The outlet reports that McCall has reportedly disowned Marley — the daughter he shares with Eva — and has taken to social media claiming that “she can have her” and claiming he wants nothing to do with either Eva or his daughter. The outlet also reports that Eva has “upped her security” because Kevin is a “loose cannon.”



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Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall no longer get along.

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2. Michael Sterling claims to be “very happy” that Eva Marcille is expecting a third child.

Even though Kevin McCall is no longer in Eva Marcille’s life — or, it seems like, his daughter’s life — Michael Sterling has more than stepped up to the proverbial plate. When it was announced that Eva Marcille was expecting her third child, Sterling made clear that he couldn’t be happier.


“It's amazing that God shared his most amazing superpower with us: the power to create and give life,” he told the Daily Mail. “I count it a great blessing to grow our family with the love of my life, Eva Marcille Sterling, and we look forward to welcoming another generation of hope into this world.”



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3. He has a very accomplished career

Michael Sterling is from Texas. He is a graduate of Morehouse College and is a summa cum laude graduate of the Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law. After law school, he was an Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of Illinois appointed by Attorney General Eric Holder. When he was hired he became the youngest federal prosecutor in Chicago. Before he worked for the federal government, he worked in the General Litigation Group of Chicago's Sidley Austin LLP, where he handled commercial litigation from 2007-2009. He is a former candidate for mayor of Atlanta. Before running for mayor he was the Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Atlanta.



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4. He was at the center of a multi-million-dollar lawsuit

While Michael Sterling seems to be a nice guy — one who seems to love his family very much — he is also a very prominent attorney in his own right. According to the website for his law firm, Sterling Dreyer, Sterling represented one of R. Kelly’s alleged victims in her lawsuit against the disgraced R&B singer. He also represented Tiffany Haddish’s ex-husband William Stewart in his defamation suit against Haddish, her publisher Simon & Schuster and ghostwriter Tucker Max of her memoir, The Last Black Unicorn. According to Stewart, he wanted millions of dollars in damages because of her claims of abuse (claims which Stewart vehemently denies).


“I know that everyone is focused on defendant Haddish, but she didn’t do this alone. The publisher, Simon & Schuster has a questionable history – they, among other things, enabled Milos Yiannopoulos after he was banned from Twitter for racist hate speech against comedian Leslie Jones. Simon & Schuster’s parent company is CBS who continues to settle lawsuits for a pattern of bad behavior by executives,” read the papers, according to The Jasmine Brand. “Haddish’s ghost writer is Tucker Max and his entire writing career was built on disgusting attempts to exploit, belittle and objectify women without regard. This is not just about Haddish. The defendants have disregarded principle, decency, or accuracy when there is an opportunity to profit. William Stewart is just their latest victim. And they never expected him to have the courage to take on such powerful interests.”

Michael Sterling may be a nice guy and a good husband, but he’s far from a pushover!

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