Did Vicki Gunvalson Get Plastic Surgery?

The truth about the OG from the OC.

Did Vicki Gunvalson Get Plastic Surgery? Instagram

Fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County already know Vicki Gunvalson, and chances are they already have a serious opinion about her! Love her or hate her, the number one thing about Vicki Gunvalson that we can all agree on is that people can't seem to stop talking about her! Be it her love life, her friendships, or her latest romantic endeavor, Vicki certainly knows how to give the people what they want: something to gossip about! 


Last season on her show, Vicki got yet another bit of plastic surgery done: a facelift. She wasn't afraid to let people see her heal afterward, either. Vicki swore this operation was her last, but new photos have come to light that beg to differ.

Did Vicki Gunvalson get plastic surgery again? Here's what we know about Vicki and the truth behind the rumors of her getting a few more nips and tucks. 

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1. Who Is Vicki Gunvalson? 

If you have to ask that question then you aren't a true fan of the Real Housewives universe. Sincerely, I'm not being a snob, this is all true. You see, Vicki was an original cast member on the original Housewives franchise, the Real Housewives of Orange County. Others have come and gone and been erased from our memories almost completely, but not Vicki. 


Vicki has remained a staple of RHOC, earning a place in our hearts as the "whoo-hoo" lovin' bestie to Tamra Judge or, depending on the nature of the season, the villainess extraordinaire! When Vicki isn't stirring the pot, she's doing the best to stay on everybody's good side. Unfortunately when you're a woman of strong opinions like Vicki, and you've got an even stronger way of sharing those opinions with those around you, staying on everybody's good side isn't anywhere nearly as easy as it should be! 

2. What Happened With Brooks Ayers? 

Like so many of us, Vicki has not been lucky in love. When fans met her, she was already on her second marriage to Don Gunvalson. While Don seemed to be a total sweetheart, sadly, according to Vicki, he just couldn't keep her "love tank" filled up. Nothing, not even a vow renewal ceremony, could get that magic back and they called it quits... never mind that Vicki STILL HAS INSURANCE POLICIES OUT ON DON! Lol, oh Vicki. Never change. 


After splitting with Don, the next man in Vicki's life was Brooks Ayers. This man initially seemed like a southern charmer and Vicki was totally smitten, but things went south pretty darn quick. Before too long it became clear that Brooks wasn't everything he was cracked up to be. Her daughter Brianna refused to be in the same house with Brooks, and Vicki lost nearly all of her friends by standing by Brooks and supporting him when he claimed to have cancer...that he didn't actually have! Though Vicki claims she never knew that Brooks was lying and swears she wasn't trying to help him cover it all up, many of the ladies still aren't convinced. 

3. Whose The New Man In Her Life? 

Luckily, Vicki has left all of that bad love juju in the past, and she's moved on to happier, and much greener pastures! Vicki's newest boyfriend is Steve Lodge, brother to Roger Lodge, the former host of the wildly popular TV show Blind Date. Steve's a bit of a local celebrity in his own life, as a politician who has run for the office of sheriff and has served as a police officer.


In fact, it was through community service that these two met at an event held at The Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim! Just when you think that Steve couldn't be any more awesome than Brooks if he tried, Vicki's kids also totally approve of their mother's newest beau, making Vicki that much happier in love. There's no doubt these two will be tying the knot before too long! 

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4. Has She Had Surgery Before? 

Look, there are some people who are coy about their plastic surgery and some people who are not coy. Luckily for us, Vicki has always fallen into the second category. As early as 2012 she was pleased as punch to cop to getting a nose job, chin implants, and fat injections in her face to smooth out wrinkles. In 2016, she told Bravo TV boss, Andy Cohen, that she had recently undergone an eye lift.


“Of course I did,” she dished at the time about the surgery rumors. “I’m not going to deny it. Doesn’t it look great?!” Vicki was also very open about the facelift she got IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAST SEASON! How could anyone forget her head being tightly wrapped as she demanded all the latest dirt from Tamra? 

5. Did She Go Under The Knife Again? 

After her last surgery Vicki sort of promised her kids that she wouldn't go under the knife again. But a new photograph shared on social media has tongues wagging: did Vicki get another little nip and tuck?


“All dressed up for a night out with @tamrajudge and the ladies. Should be a fun night. #bravo #season14 #rhoc,” chirps Vicki in the caption of the image that has people talking. If I'm honest, this doesn't look like Vicki's gotten MORE plastic surgery, instead, it looks like her face has well you know, settled from the most recent facelift. People forget, plastic surgery can be done in a day but it can take months for your face to truly heal and reveal the look you're going for. 

Unfortunately, not all of her fans are as convinced, and they aren't being kind about it. “Vicki looks like a wax face,” one user wrote harshly, while another was even more savage: “Will they be able to fix the face work?” It's crazy what people think it's okay to say to someone just because they've seen them on a TV show. 

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