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Who Is Camille Grammer's Husband? Everything To Know About David C. Meyer

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Who Is Camille Grammer's Husband? Everything To Know About David C. Meyer

When America first really got to know Camille Grammer, it was as the rich, retiring wife of the actor Kelsey Grammer. Luckily, her foray into relaunching her own acting career changed all of that, and after her first season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a star was truly born.

Although Grammer is no longer a full-time Housewife and only appears on the show as a friend of the other housewives, she seems to be doing pretty well in her personal life and even found love again. Grammer's life after her divorce wasn't an easy one, but to call this woman a fighter is the understatement of the year.

But who is Camille Grammer's husband, David C. Meyer?

Well, she's once again found happiness with her new husband, David C. Meyer, and we're all so happy for that. 

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They got married in October 2018.

During the ninth season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we had two weddings to look forward to! One, was the marriage of Denise Richards, which was planned and executed in a 72-hour period, much to the delight of audiences everywhere.

The other wedding, that of Camille Grammer, had been in the books and been planned for months prior to the big Hawaiian blowout. The fall 2018 ceremony was nothing short of breathtaking and many of Grammer's former castmates attended the nuptials.

Grammer said, “Hawaii is my special place. I have so much respect for the Hawaiian culture. It’s all about ohana, family, love, respect for the land and respect for each other. The sky was blue, the sun was setting, a breeze was blowing and it was so romantic. It was like something out of a fairy tale. And there was a rainbow. To me, that means we’ve made it over the rainbow and found each other. This is our new life. I’m so excited to share my life with David. It was a spectacular day, and I feel just wonderful.”

But, then it sounded like her happily ever after might have to be on ice to chill. Why? Because David the lawyer was battling some serious charges in the headlines. 

What are Meyer's troubles?

If you're wondering what on Earth could've gotten Meyer into a pickle so soon after he had entered into wedded bliss, you aren't alone. The time after you get married is supposed to be one of the happiest periods in your life. But, it's certainly not working out that way for him. 

There's a whole website dedicated to taking Meyer down. It's called IMetDavidMeyer.com and it claims to be “for the victims of David Meyer." The entire purpose of the website is dedicated to getting Meyer himself disbarred.

Why do people think he deserves to be stripped of his rights to practice? Well, their argument is that because he defended Troy Stratos, a con man who cheated people out of millions of dollars, he's complicit in his client's crimes. Yeah. It's a stretch. 

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Some have even claimed that Meyer has actually helped his clients with their crimes.

Of course, it is also easier to roll your eyes at these things when you read them on the pages of a tabloid rather than to empathize. That's largely because cases like this involving the rich getting swindled can seem so unrelated to how we live our daily lives that it's hard to muster any real sympathy. That's why it's important to put a face to the crimes David Meyer is being accused of committing. 

One of the people who had claimed to have been victimized is Tim Burns, a money manager. He made his formal complaint against Meyer with the California bar.

According to Burns, Meyer didn't just defend his con man client, he participated in a plan to help the guy continue to defraud his clients. “If it wasn’t for Meyer, none of this would have happened. He basically ruined my life," Burns said in an interview

Is Burns hiding something?

But, of course, before you go team Burns, there's some important stuff to know about this guy too. Not that it's impossible for a crook to swindle another crook, but it should be known that Burns doesn't exactly have clean hands himself when it comes to managing finances. 

In 2011, for example, Burns sent Stratos almost $12 million believing that Stratos was going to be able to help him buy his way into some serious Facebook stocks. When Burns learned that he was played, he used his clients' money to cover his own buns.

He was quickly caught and he had to go to prison after being found guilty of fraud charges. To say he might be holding a grudge is putting it mildly.

What does this mean for Grammer?

It's not a secret that Grammer hasn't had an easy time of it. Her marriage to her ex-husband Kelsey Grammer fell apart in front of audiences of RHOBH, and when he finally left her, he did so in the cruelest way imaginable: with an airline hostess he'd met while traveling. 

After her divorce from Kelsey, Grammer was desperate to find something new and real romantically, but it was a tough road for her, dealing with an abusive former boyfriend and a battle with cancer. She very much deserves the happiness she's found and here's hoping the rest of this saga resolves quickly. 

The new season of RHOBH just premiered.

The show's tenth season premiered just this week, and the biggest source of drama surrounding the new episodes is the rumored affair between Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville. Richards has denied the rumors and even stopped filming the show because of them.

The premiere itself didn't reveal anything about the rumored affair, but it did tease that Richards may be giving us some answers in upcoming episodes. 

While many of Richards fellow castmates have weighed in with their own opinions on the rumors, Grammer has not, so fans will have to keep tuning in to see if the rumors really are true, and if Grammer may show up and make any comments of her own about them.

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