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Who Is Cole Deboer? New Details About 'Teen Mom' Star Chelsea Houska's Husband

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Who Is Cole Deboer? New Details About 'Teen Mom' Star Chelsea Houska's Husband

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska DeBoer seems to have found her happily ever after with husband Cole DeBoer. She and daughter Aubree welcomed Cole into their lives in 2015 and since then she and Cole have welcomed a son, Watson, and a daughter, Layne, to the family. The Instagram feed is pic after pic of happy family shots, and the five of them seem to be living their best lives.

But Chelsea and Aubree weren’t always so content. Aubree’s dad, Adam Lind, was a nightmare boyfriend and a barely-there father. He’s struggled with drugs and alcohol and been in trouble with the law. At this point, he isn’t even allowed to see Aubree without supervision.

Now Chelsea is considering making real changes to Aubree’s relationship to Adam by asking Cole to adopt her. So who is Cole DeBoer and will he adopt Aubree? Read on for all the details about Chelsea Houska's husband.

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1. Chelsea started on Teen Mom 2.

In 2011, Teen Mom 2 picked up Chelsea’s story where she left off after her episode of 16 and Pregnant. She and boyfriend Adam Lind had welcomed daughter Aubree prematurely and she had to spend time in the NICU after her birth. He started off badly by choosing not to visit and was less than concerned when she got very sick as a baby. 

While Chelsea was trying to adjust to life as a new mom, he was messing around with cars and generally not stepping up. Later, Chelsea would say, “The reality is, he's just, he's just not ready for this and he's not ready to grow up and take responsibility. He's not ready to get a job and be a little family, which is sad, because that's what I wanted." 


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2. He was also cruel. 

Adam wasn’t willing to take care of his baby but he also didn’t approve of the way Chelsea was doing it.

When she left Aubree with her parents so she could attend a football game, he lashed out and sent her a brutally insulting text.

"I want u to feel like the most worthless stupid [expletive] in the world u better believe its so over for the rest of our lives ya fat stretch mark bitch. tell me where and wen to sign the papers over for that mistake." 


My handsome handsome boys

A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on Feb 10, 2019 at 9:11pm PST

3. Still, they reunited. 

Even though Adam said it was over and acted like he was ready to give up his rights to the baby, the couple made multiple attempts to make it work.

"You know when you first fall in love with someone and it's, like, "Oh my God!"? That feeling, that's how it was," Chelsea said. "I haven't had that with anyone else since. I guess that's why I go back to him, because you always want to go back to that feeling.”

By 2014, the pair had split up for good.

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Finally got to see @ericchurchmusic in concert obsessed.

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4. Then she met Cole.

Chelsea met Cole by chance at a gas station. She later said it was love at first sight, even though they didn’t actually speak to one another at that first encounter. He later figured out who she was and got in touch.

"A few days later he contacted me on social media and was like, 'Hi. I got gas next to you the other day.’” And I was like, 'Thank you, Jesus,’”she said of their meeting.


A post shared by Chelsea DeBoer (@chelseahouska) on Apr 11, 2016 at 7:28pm PDT

5. Adam was getting into legal trouble.

Meanwhile, Adam was getting in more and more trouble with the law. He was in a serious car accident where he hit a woman’s car in 2014. He was involved with drugs and after testing positive for meth, was not allowed to contact Aubree.

Chelsea told Teen Mom 2 producers, "If I had my choice, I don't want her in the house because he's doing drugs." 


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6. They have a growing family.

Cole and Chelsea have settled into a happy family life now. They got married in 2015 and welcomed two more children to the family and sometimes talk about having more. Cole has stepped into the daily fathering role for Aubree and clearly cares about her.

7. Will he adoption her?

In February, Chelsea told Cole that Adam had relinquished parental rights to his daughter from another relationship. She also revealed that it had been months since Adam saw Aubree, even with the modified supervised visitation schedule he has due to his drug arrests.

Chelsea suggested that maybe Cole should adopt Aubree and take Adam out of the equation altogether.

“I feel like the best would be if he was out of the picture instead of in and out hurting her.”

How did Cole feel about this suggestion? He said “I’d [adopt her] right now if she wants.”

For now the couple is still deciding how to proceed. Keep watching to see how it all turns out. 


There are no words to explain how much I love these two.

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