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Are Cory Wharton And Taylor Selfridge Dating? New Details About Their Relationship — How Cheyenne Floyd Feels About It

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Are Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge Dating? New Details About Their Relationship — How Cheyenne Floyd Feels About It

Cory Wharton’s relationship history is complicated, and his relationship with his fans may be on the outs due to his latest romantic endeavor. Wharton not only has a girlfriend, but he’s out of the country with her.

He confirmed to Us Weekly that he is dating Taylor Selfridge. Wharton revealed they had been dating for about a month. He and Selfridge let the world know about their relationship via social media on Feb. 18. The two posted on their respective Instagram stories that they were traveling together for a “baecation.” The destination? Cancun, Mexico.

Wharton, 27, has been on a host of MTV reality shows. He began on The Real World in 2014 and has since been on The Challenge and Ex on the Beach. Selfridge, 24, got her start on season five of Are You the One?, and then was on Ex on the Beach. Wharton may enjoy this break from reality with his bae in paradise, but he has stateside responsibilities: namely, his young daughter, Ryder. And his spontaneous vacation is not sitting well with his fan base. In fact, they are very upset.

Wharton and Selfridge seem very happy, but the main question on fans’ minds seems to be: will it last? So are Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge dating? Here's what we know. 

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1. He and Selfridge dated after filming Ex on the Beach.

The couple are evidently doing their own spin on the show that brought them together in the first place with this “baecation.”

Selfridge and Wharton met on the first season of Ex on the Beach. After filming wrapped up, the two entered a relationship … but it was very short-lived. Wharton was having some other relationship drama.


It’s official  #Linkinbio

A post shared by Cory Wharton (@corywharton_ig) on Feb 21, 2019 at 1:50pm PST

2. Fans want him to get with Cheyenne Floyd.

Although Floyd and Wharton were never in an official romantic relationship, the two are forever connected through their daughter Ryder. Floyd did not even reveal that he was the father of her child until October 2017, six months after Ryder was born.

Though they both love Ryder very much, the relationship between the two is much more complicated. Perhaps fans felt led on from the Teen Mom OG reunion special that they were going to get back together.

3. He and Floyd had said they could see a future together.

The Teen Mom OG reunion show hinted at hope for a relationship between Floyd and Wharton — though not necessarily in the immediate future. Wharton said, “I think that we can be together, but right now’s not the time. I’m not gonna lead her on and then not be ready to marry her.”

On the Dec. 24 2018 reunion show, Dr. Drew asked the two if they’d a continue a family together in the future with more kids. Both parties said yes; Wharton said “100 percent.” They also revealed during the special that they “crossed the line, keep crossing the line." That is, they were still hooking up.

The two have stressed in the meantime, however, that they are co-parents. They took to Instagram Live in separate videos shortly after Wharton revealed his relationship status to address the hate surrounding Wharton’s renewed relationship with Selfridge.

Floyd said, “All the bashing of him and his girlfriend … you have to chill. Regardless, at the end of the day, Cory is a great father to Ryder and that’s all that matters. We are still friends. We will always be family."

Wharton said of Floyd and their platonic relationship: “Cheyenne’s a great person, a fabulous mother. I will always have some type of love for Cheyenne. But I’m not in love with Cheyenne. I’m sorry to tell you guys. I wish you guys could live my life for me, but you can’t. Taylor is the person that makes me happy. Listen, at the end of the day, Cheyenne’s gonna be with who she wants to be with, I’m going to be with who I want to be with.”

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4. Floyd was seeing someone else during Teen Mom OG—and is allegedly seeing someone now.

All of the focus may currently be on Wharton and his love life, but Floyd has been pursuing other options as well. Floyd was dating a man named Zach. There was a lot of mystery surrounding Floyd’s man before Teen Mom OG aired in October 2018.

According to Wharton’s Instagram Live video, however, he said that Floyd is dating someone new, and told fans he’s “glad she’s happy.”

However, Floyd took to Instagram shortly after Wharton's "baecation" news broke, and doesn't seem happy. The photo is accompanied by a broken heart emoji with the hashtag #LinkInBio, which is to an In Touch article about Wharton confirming his romance with Selfridge.

5. Wharton has been involved with multiple women during his reality show career.

When Wharton found out Ryder was his child, he was dating Alicia Lavida. Throughout his Challenge career, he hooked up with Aneesa Ferriera, Jenny Delich, Lauren Ondersma, Kailah Casillas, Camila Nakagwa, and Alicia Wright.

Now Taylor Selfridge is on the list—and perhaps she will be there to stay.


I had to bring my Dad Bod down to Mexico

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