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Did Jenelle Evans And David Eason Break Up? New Details About The Rumor The 'Teen Mom' Stars Split

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Did Jenelle Evans and David Eason Break Up? New Details About The Rumor The 'Teen Mom' Stars Split

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, may have called it quits. Did the couple break up?

Rumors started swirling about their relationship status after Jenelle shared some hints on social media that their marriage might be over. Evans, 27, first hinted that she was going through a breakup on her Instagram stories, sharing a series of screenshots of songs she was listening to. The songs were of "Better Now" by Post Malone, "Solo" by Clean Bandit ft. Demi Lovato, and "Learn to Let Go" by Kesha. All songs had a similar theme — heartbreak, letting go, and being single.

So did Jenelle Evans and David Eason break up? Here's what we know.

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1. Evans changed her relationship status on Facebook.

On Saturday, Feb. 16, Evans posted a photo on Facebook along with the caption: “Single AF” with a shrug emoji. The reality star also changed her relationship status to “Separated.”

She also shared a post saying, "Someone change my mood (heartbreak emoji)."

2. Rumors say they've been fighting.

“Something bad happened over Valentine’s Day” between the tumultuous two," a source told Radar Online.

According to an Us Weekly source, Jenelle and David are "fighting" and “he hasn’t been home.” But according to that report, the insider said they have not called it quits on their marriage.

“They aren’t broken up,” the insider said. A separate source added, “David and Jenelle are always fighting, he won’t come home for days at a time. I would be surprised if they weren’t fighting. Now that would be shocking.”

Evans and Eason were married September 2017 and are parents of 2-year-old daughter Ensley. The North Carolina native is also the mother of sons Jace, 9 and Kaiser, 4, from previous relationships.

3. Eason's new Facebook profile pic hints their split.

On Feb. 17, Eason shared a new profile pic on his Facebook account. In the photo, he's hugging a gun with a caption that says, "This bitch is my ride or die."

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4. Evans refused to film.

Last week on Teen Mom 2, Evans refused to film. She revealed that this season will be her last and broke down over Eason‘s firing because of his homophobic comments last year. Eason is not allowed on the show. During Evans’ TV meltdown, she brought up her husband as for the reason why she’s frustrated with the show’s producers.

“David is not allowed on anymore. I finally have someone who supports me and I can’t bring them. Stay the f--k away from me because I’m done,” she yelled at the crew.

The show’s co-executive producer asked Evans if it was difficult for her to do a show about her life when they can't film her family.

Evans responded: "This show just keeps giving me a bad rap, so I want some f---ing respect, dude. Like, I want some f---ing respect."

Evans then told producers that she's fine never appearing on TV again and that she believes "no one knows anything" about her.

"I feel like they never believe me, and everything I say to them is a lie, and everything they read online, that's what they believe, and they don't know anything about me," Evans told the producer. "They don't know what I do, how I act. They don't even know my favorite food anymore. They don't know what's going on with me mentally, physically, my health issues, unless I share it, unless I open my mouth."

"This will probably be my last season because I realize I don't need MTV. I need myself because I'm the only one that's important here. This show is not important."

Evans then began to get even more emotional as she said that "everyone" likes her as a person, but they don't like her on the show.

"They don't like the Jenelle they see on TV, that's always mad, always angry, always yelling around her kids. Like, they don't see the real me."

Filming was also shut down because her husband arrived to her son’s sporting event with her because he's not allowed on the show. 


A post shared by Jenelle Eason (@j_evans1219) on Feb 6, 2019 at 10:50am PST

5. Evans and Eason have had a bad history.

In October 2018, Evans accused Eason of assault.

“My name is Jenelle Eason,” she said on the 911 call which was later released to the public. “My husband he just assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground in the yard. I think I heard my collarbone crack. I can’t move my arm.”

Evans later claimed it was a misunderstanding while he was drunk.

“He got violent because he’s been drinking,” she said as she was hysterical crying.


A post shared by Jenelle Eason (@j_evans1219) on Dec 12, 2018 at 6:54am PST

6. Evan's mom speaks up.

Evans’ mom Barbara told producers that it's difficult for Evans to be on the show without her husband.

“It’s hard for her to film her life when her husband is not included," Barbara said. "Everything she does with her family, with her husband, can’t be filmed. She said they don’t understand how stressful that is.”

When a producer asked if Eason is going to let Evans film, Barbara responded.

“Jenelle has put her foot down on that. She told me she’s going to continue to film. She knows this is her job and he’s not working. She needs to have some type of income coming in.”

“She doesn’t want to film anymore because every time she makes a commitment to film all of a sudden David starts a fight with her,” she explained. “She can’t film because if she films she gets in trouble when she gets home. I told her, ‘This is your job. You’ve been doing this for 10 years. It’s not his show it’s your show. He’s not working. What’re you going to do if you lose the show?’ She’s going to be homeless.”


A post shared by Jenelle Eason (@j_evans1219) on Jan 20, 2019 at 5:26am PST

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