Who Is Mia Irons? New Details About Former 'Hills' Star Doug Reinhardt's Girlfriend

Doug Reinhardt and Mia Irons gathered in LA for a gender reveal party.

Who Is Mia Irons? New Details About Former 'Hills' Star Doug Reinhardt's Girlfriend Instagram

Doug Reinhardt has had a lot of romantic ups and downs in his life since his days on The Hills. But he seems ready to settle down and embrace fatherhood now — a good thing since he’s about have twins with his girlfriend Mia Keana Irons.

The reality tv alum and his pregnant girlfriend gathered this weekend for a gender reveal party hosted by Reinhardt’s sister Casey Beau Brown. The pair popped balloons to reveal the gender of the twins they're expecting together. While the start of a new family is enough to make anyone excited, everyone is wanting to know more about his girlfriend (and soon to be the mother of his child.)


So who is Mia Irons and the happy parents? Here's everything we know about Doug Reinhardt's girlfriend. 

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1. She's from Hawaii. 

Mia lists her home state as Hawaii on her Instagram account and she posts lots of gorgeous beach shots from the island state. Reinhardt hails from Southern California. He was born in Torrance but moved to Laguna Beach when his mother and father split up.

His mom, Kelly, remarried Duane Roberts, the inventor of the frozen burrito.

2. Her future baby daddy played pro sports. 

Reinhardt spent some time playing pro baseball on both the west and east coasts. Sadly, his career was cut short by a knee injury.


He would continue to have issues with his knees over time, requiring surgery to repair damage to his ligaments.

3. And he spent some time on The Hills.

Reinhardt was a recurring figure on MTV’s iconic reality show, The Hills. He was romantically linked to star Lauren Conrad and was also known for dating celebrities like Amanda Bynes and Paris Hilton.

In 2013, he got engaged to Hills alum Allie Lutz, proposing to her on a chartered yacht. He and Lutz had dated off and on since high school. The pair eventually split without marrying.

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4. His previous marriage included assault and divorce.

In May of 2018, Reinhardt was recovering from knee surgery when his wife of seven months attacked him. He was allegedly lying on the couch when Natalie Sutton, who may have been drunk at the time, started beating him with a metal crutch he was using as part of his recovery.

He called the cops and she was arrested and released. He filed for divorce a few days later.​

5. He hoped to be a parent before. 

Whatever other problems Reinhardt and Sutton had in their marriage, they had been hoping to become parents together.

The couple had been working with a fertility clinic to have babies but their divorce ended that plan. As a part of their divorce settlement, they agreed to "terminate the potential use of all genetic material either party provided,” according to reports at the time.


A post shared by Doug Reinhardt (@dougreinhardt) on Jan 19, 2019 at 2:27pm PST

6. It's not clear when he and Mia got together. 

It’s not totally clear when Reinhardt got together with current flame Mia Keana Irons.

Reinhardt first shows up in her Instagram feed in June 2018 and she mentioned the pregnancy being a Christmas surprise so the pair has been dating since shortly after his divorce from Sutton.


7. She has a son from a previous relationship.

Reinhardt’s personal Instagram show a lot of photos of him posing with babies, and he clearly has an affection for kids. Mia has a son from a previous relationship, so he stepped into an instant dad role when the two of them got together this year.

Now the pair is excited to be welcoming twins boys to the blended family.

At their gender reveal, they popped big balloons to release a cascade of blue balloons. Mia took to Instagram to share the special news.


“Something so rare that I can’t even believe we’re this lucky to hit the odds of 0.3%?! This pregnancy was our 2018 Christmas surprise, ironically finding out just a few weeks after Koby met Santa & wished for nothing BUT a Brother. Today we waited to find out exactly who was coming into our life! Thank you @caseybeaubrown for throwing us an amazing party, you’re incredible! @dougreinhardt, I never met a man so driven & hopeful to nurture & also start a family. We’ve created such an amazing family life together, thank you forever! We got 2 IDENTICAL BOYS coming! BOYS! Wow my heart is so full! I can’t wait! I love you all! Thank you for coming & celebrating w/ us!”

Reinhardt was pictured as jubilantly jumping into the air and he posted a video of the moment on his own account. The twins will be due to arrive in the summer, though no more specific date has been shared.

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