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New Details Released About Horrific Domestic Abuse 'Hills' Star Audrina Patridge Claims She Suffered At The Hands Of Her Husband

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Audrina Patridge

After just 10 months of being married, Audrina Patridge has filed for divorce from her husband Corey Bohan. 

For those of you who have followed Audrina since her Hills days, you've seen the major ups and downs the couple has had since their on and off relationship began in 2008. Fast forward to 2017 and the former reality star and her BMX hubby were supposedly happily married and had a 15-month-old daughter together named Kirra Max. 

But you never know what happens behind closed doors.

On Sept. 18, TMZ reported that Audrina filed for a temporary restraining order against Corey citing a recent incident of domestic violence. 

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According to the order, back in mid-August, Audrina accused Corey of cheating and said that while she was holding their daughter, he pushed her. She said he then emptied her backpack and purse and began punching himself in the head. 

He threatened to bash himself in the head with a metal canister if she left. 

Then on Sept. 6, Corey was at their home watching Kirra max when Audrina came inside, he started calling her names and harassing her. 

Audrina grabbed her daughter and went upstairs, and Corey followed her and said she's "f--ked up" because of her childhood and her mother.

She started to record his outburst, and he told her "Grow some balls and pull the trigger and file for divorce. 

She filed a report with police, and on Sept. 15, child protective services came to the house. The following weekend, Audrina was on a panel at a beauty event, and Corey showed up, following her on stage. 

Though it didn't get physical, Audrina reported that she was "shaking" while Corey demanded to know where Kirra was and said he was going to get her. 

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According to Audrina, her husband has threatened suicide in the past. 

Daily Mail

That was the last straw, and on Sept. 20, the Hills alum filed for divorce, reporting that Corey violated the restraining order just one day after she got it. 

She said he refused to leave the house when she showed up to get some of her things. It was then that she learned he had installed five video camera inside the house to keep tabs on her. 

Though police responded to that incident, it's unclear if any action was taken. 

In the divorce documents, Audrina is seeking primary physical and legal custody of Kirra and wants to the judge to shut Corey down if he asks for spousal support. 

She also asked for an order that specifically bans him from taking their daughter to Australia, where he's from. 

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