Who Is Jesse Nadler? New Details About Dina Lohan's Secret Online Boyfriend

Dina Lohan has a boyfriend whom she's never met.

Who Is Jesse Nadler? New Details About Dina Lohan's Secret Online Boyfriend Instagram

Dina Lohan has been appearing on the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother and while she made it to the final four, she did not take home the ultimate prize. The celebrity mom-ager finished fourth in the competition but she may have won the battle of headlines with a recent confession about her love life.

Dina, who is Mom to daughters Ali Lohan and Lindsay Lohan as well as sons Mike and Cody, revealed to her reality show housemates that she has a boyfriend but she has never met him. The revelation that Dina is in a relationship that sounds an awful lot like some kind of scam got a lot of attention, including from daughter Lindsay who tweeted “so proud of you mommy! But no more weird #catfish please.” Meanwhile, Catfish host New Schulman offered to get on the case and find out whether the mystery man is the real deal or an elaborate scam.


Shortly after, a man claiming to be Dina’s mystery suitor popped up online and says she’s the guy she’s been in touch with. Jesse Nadler of California claims to be Dina’s dude and other people are confirming his claims.

Who is Jesse Nadler, Dina Lohan's secret online boyfriend? Read on to find out.

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1. Dina was previously married to Lindsay's father.

Dina was married to ex-husband Michael for over 20 years and the pair had four children together. They separated briefly in 1989 but reunited sometime after that. In 2005, Dina filed for divorce and they finalized it all by 2007.


In the process, Dina got custody of their two youngest children, who were 11 and 14 at the time.



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2. Her love life then took a backseat. 

After Dina divorced Michael, her love life took a backseat at least as far as tabloid headlines are concerned. Ex-husband Michael had high profile relationship issues like a paternity case on The Trisha Goddard Show, and his explosive relationship with his second wife Kate Major.


Meanwhile, Lindsay was dating prolifically among the young Hollywood set. She was linked with everyone form Samantha Ronson and Wilmer Valderrama to Ryan Adams and Heath Ledger.



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3. She went on Millionaire Matchmaker.

In 2015, Dina took to the cable airwaves to find love.


She engaged the services of celebrity matchmaker Patti Stanger and appeared on her show Millionaire Matchmaker, trying to find a mate. There were no sparks flying, however, and Lohan famously stormed out of the mixer Stanger had set up for her to meet a number of men at once.

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4. She's never met her "boyfriend."

Just last week, Dina was having a heart to heart with her Celebrity Big Brother castmates and told them she’s been in a five-year relationship with a man she’s never met in person. She’s never even video chatted with him, telling Tamar Braxton and Natalie Eva Marie that “Some guys just don’t use iPhones!”


Dina talked at length about how close she and the man are saying, “I feel like I know him. You know when you talk to someone on the phone, like you feel like you know them?” She even suggested that she would someday marry the man.

5. No one believed her boyfriend was real. 

No one believed in Dina’s story at first. Daughter Lindsay suggested this was a catfish situation and the man on the other end of the phone was scamming Dina. The host of MTV’s show Catfish New Schulman even offered to do some investigating on Dina’s behalf.

6. Then Jesse Nadler came forward. 

Now a man from the San Francisco Bay area named Jesse Nadler has come forward to say he’s Dina’s long-distance love. He explains that the distance is due to him needing to stay home to take care of his aging mother and that’s why he’s never traveled to meet Dina. The two have been openly romantic toward each other on social media and make no secrets of their feelings.


He tells Page Six, “I’m a good guy. I’m the real deal. Just the thought of people thinking I could be a catfish when everyone knows me and knows how hard I work and how I respect women and mothers, it just kills me.”

Dina’s ex Michael even made contact with Nadler to check him out.

“I don’t think he’s the guy, I know he’s the guy,” Michael said. “If this is what she wants, I give her my blessing. I think she needs somebody. It’ll finally get me off the hook. I don’t want to pay her bills anymore. If she’s that in love with him, I give him all the credit in the world.”


7. He plans to move back east.

Nadler has said that he plans to move back east eventually, and he expects to be able to have an in-person relationship with Dina at that time. Why Dina doesn’t just get on a plane to San Francisco and meet him in person now has not been explained, though her CBB housemates all offered to make the trip with her.

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