Who Is Panos Spentzos? New Details About Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club BFF

He runs Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. And he's Greek.

Who Is Panos Spentzos? New Details About Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club BFF Instagram

None of us are exactly sure what's going on on Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. Which is exactly how we like our Lohan, AMIRITE? One of the featured people on the show is Lohan's business partner Panos Spentzos. The show's promo introduces Panos with Lindsay saying, "Panos is not my right-hand man, he’s my left-hand man. I’m the right hand.” Panos will play the protagonist to Lindsay's antagonist (of course) over the course of the show. He's the one who handles the day-to-day running of the club, all of the decisions that need to be made, and makes sure the hosts are kept in line. After all, Lohan lives in Dubai and only gets to Mykonos once or twice a month. So, what we want to know is, who is Panos Spentzos?


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1. He is Greek

Panos was born Panagiotis Spentzos in Athens, Greece. He grew up in the wealthy Athens suburb of Ekali. His birthday is June 10. He attended the Chelsea College of Art and Design and graduated from the famous design school Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. He currently lives in London.


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2. He didn't like Lindsay at first

Although Lindsay and Panos are now business partners and friends, he admitted that when they first met, they didn't get along. On the show he said, "Me and Lindsay at the beginning didn’t connect at all. She was very diva-ish.” The two built a friendship off of their mutual interest in and experience with nightclubs. Eventually they were able to put aside their differences and now Panos calls Lindsay part of his family. 


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3. He's a fan of reality TV

Back in 2012, Panos showed that he had a love for the beaches of Mykonos and reality TV when he tweeted: “Tanning, drinking drys and watching the real housewives of Vancouver through my i-pad…I love these phonnies!”



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4. How did he meet Lindsay?

Lindsay and Panos met in Mykonos about three years ago. He said that the two of them used to hang out a lot during the summers on the Greek isle. He said, "Then we started talking about everything, everything, everything. She opened herself to me and then I saw the real Lindsay. She's a sweetheart, she's vulnerable in every situation, she's kind, she'd generous, but sometimes she's difficult."



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5. What's it like to work for Lindsay?

While Lindsay and Panos are partners, the nightclub empire she started in Greece is in her name. He may think he's the boss ... but we all know Lindsay a bit better than that. Of working for Lindsay, Panos said, "Lindsay as a boss and a partner is very strict, very opinionated. She wants her opinion to always matter, no matter what. She wants everything to be perfect all the time. Basically, she wants the place to be the most spectacular place in the world because it represents her name." 



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