Who Is Kate Major? New Details On Lindsay Lohan's Stepmom Who Was Arrested For Attacking A Bus Driver

Lindsay Lohan's stepmom Kate Major Lohan is facing assault charges.

Who Is Kate Major? New Details On Lindsay Lohan's Stepmom Who Was Arrested For Attacking A Bus Driver instagram

Who is Kate Major? The Lohan family is no stranger to controversy. Lindsay Lohan and her parents have a long history of in-fighting, substance abuse, and shocking romantic relationships. While Kate Major Lohan is new to the family, after marrying dad Michael in 2014, she is no less a magnet for drama than the rest of the clan.

This week, the former tabloid reporter was arrested in Pennsylvania on assault charges, and she faces possible fines or jail time if she's convicted. This is not Major's first run in with the law and it's not her first allegation of assault either. The mom of two has a history of erratic and dangerous behavior.


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Who is Kate Major Lohan? Read on to learn more. 

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1. Disgraced reporter

Kate Major was a reporter for The Star magazine, covering celebrities when she was discovered to be sleeping with one of her subjects. The writer had an affair with Jon Gosselin, which she claims to regret. She told Gawker, "I let my journalistic skills down and fell for his [Gosselin's] crap like other girls. I did know better and I messed up. Do I regret it? Absolutely."


2. Michael Lohan

Major met Michael Lohan in 2010 and the two had an off-again, on-again relationship until 2014 when the finally got married. She and Lohan appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. The couple share two sons, born in 2013 and 2014. 



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3. Jail time

Kate was arrested and convicted of driving under the influence and did 8 months of jail time before returning to Michael upon release. 


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4. Abusive relationship

In 2015, Major was arrested in Florida for drunkenly attacking her husband. Michael claimed that Kate had come home drunk and attacked him. Cops arrived to find her visibly intoxicated and claiming Michael had grabbed her throat. She even attempted to scratch her throat to make it look more convincing. She was taken into police custody but later released. Michael blamed the whole incident on his ex and Lindsay's mom Dina, who was causing them stress by suing him for child support. 



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5. Custody battle

The drinking and abuse issues escalated in 2015. The couple were seen fighting in front of their two young boys and child services was alerted to the problem. They took the children into temporary custody until Lohan's father could fly down from Long Island to take care of them. Michael blamed this situation on Kate's issues with addiction. At the time, the pair was estranged after Kate had an affair with a fellow patient at an in-patient rehab center. 


6. Cop Attack

In 2016, Major landed back in the headlines, this time for attacking a cop. She'd been trying to get inside the apartment she used to share with Michael Lohan, who wouldn't let her in. When cops intervened. she threatened to throw a bag of ice at them and later tried to lunge past an officer to get into the apartment. She then kicked the officer as he led her to his cruiser. That arrest was a probation violation and landed her back in jail for six months

7. Psych hold

In 2017, Kate was on another bender and threatened suicide if she didn't get to see her kids. She was taken into custody and placed under a psychiatric hold. In the process she went off on a racist and homophobic rants, insulting officers. Her face had to be covered so she couldn't spit on them.

8. Domestic assault

In August of 2018, she and Michael were at it again. This time, Michael claims she cut his arm with a broken candleholder. She was arrested for domestic battery but was released when he didn't cooperate and police found insufficient evidence to back his claims


9. Bus attack

This week, Major was on a bus in Pennsylvania and attacked the driver. Major was drunk and upset that the bus was late. When she missed her stop, she started yelling at the driver to stop the bus. The verbal assault lated 20 mintues. When the driver tried to get off the bus at the next stop, Major grabber her by her coat and then attempted to drive the bus herself before being stopped by another passenger. She was arraigned and released on $2500 bail.

No word on a court date for this crime but with Major's history, it seem unlikely that she'll get off with a slap on the wrist. 

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