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Songs By 2019 Grammy Winners Each Myers Briggs Personality Type Should Listen To

Songs By Grammy Winners Each Myers Briggs Personality Type Should Listen To

The biggest music event of the year has come and gone, and we now know the biggest winners of 2019. The night might’ve started off rocky with some pre-show behind-the-scenes drama, but it was a hit, celebrating great musical hits. Cardi B made history, Lady Gaga delivered another unforgettable performance (unlike those in early in her career, however), and queer women ranging from Janelle Monae to Brandi Carlile flaunted their artistic prowess in multiple categories.

It wasn’t just a night for women, however: Childish Gambino won four categories with “This Is America.” And although Cardi B won Best Rap Album, she announced she would share the honor with Mac Miller and his album “Swimming.”

Regardless of the ups and downs of the event, the Grammys are a reminder of how powerful music can be. We define it but likewise, it defines us. Our favorite songs can often feel like intimate extensions of ourselves. Perhaps that’s why it can be so hard to find new favorite music — we might encounter a part of ourselves we didn’t recognize before.

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The Grammys can offer an opportunity to find new music as dozens of artists win awards; some for the first time, while others added to their collection. Some were recognized for specific songs, while others were for entire albums.

All these artists may have a specific song that can become your new obsession, the song you have on repeat for a week straight and add to all relevant playlists. One way to find that perfect song is through your Myers Briggs type.

There is a song out there for each of the 16 types that speaks to each unique personality. Yours might not have been directly honored at the Grammys, but a Grammy winner may provide your next winning jam, per your Myers Briggs (MBTI)® personality type


“God Is a Woman” by Ariana Grande (Best Pop Vocal Album, “Sweetener")

Though Ariana Grande ended up boycotting the Grammys, her catchy hit is worth a listen for this type. Just like ISTJ’s systematic, reasonable ways, Grande will make you believe God is a woman.


“Every Time I Hear That Song” by Brandi Carlile (Best Americana Album “By The Way, I Forgive You"; Best American Roots Performance and Best American Roots Song “The Joke”)

ISTPs are logical problem solvers. In this song, Carlile grapples with how to deal with the memory of someone who hurt her, perhaps through forgiveness. This type is also self-determined and independent, and the song expresses a need for separation from the past.


“Los Ageless” by St. Vincent (Best Rock Song “Masseduction,” Best Recording Package "Masseduction")

St. Vincent starts out singing about people who never age, which speaks to ESTP’s love of life. The song is a warning, however, about taking things too far. ESTPs know they have made mistakes, and strive to learn from them.


“My Way” by Willie Nelson (Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album)

Willie Nelson’s cover of a Sinatra classic will speak to this assertive type. ESTJs like to take charge and certainly do things their way. This type tends to avoid emotion, but this song may strike a nostalgic, emotional chord.


“Losing” by H.E.R (Best R&B Album "H.E.R.", Best R&B Performance "Best Part" Featuring Daniel Caesar)

“But it’s killin’ me / Tryna make sure that both of us survive” might be a little too real for ISFJs listening to this song. This personality type tends to be devoted caretakers. They are patient, but just like in this song, have probably interacted with someone they can’t wait for anymore.


“Butterflies” by Kacey Musgraves (Best Country Solo Performance, Best Country Song “Space Cowboy,” Best Country Album, Album of The Year “Golden Hour”)

People often have a love-hate relationship with country music but for Musgraves to have won Album of The Year, she must’ve transcended those boundaries. This song will resonate with ISFPs’ gentle, sensitive manner.

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“Feels Like Summer” by Childish Gambino (Song of The Year, Record of The Year, Best Rap/Sung Performance, Best Music Video “This Is America”)

ESFPs are extremely observant, as Childish Gambino is in this song. This type likes to take action and make change and Childish Gambino sings of a world that feels the same but needs change.


“Safari Song” by Greta Van Fleet (Best Rock Album "From the Fires")

The structure of this song, rather than its lyrics’ meaning, will be pleasing to orderly ESFJs. The way the guitar slides along with the vocals is in line with ESFJs’ harmonious and energetic attitude.


“Yoü and I” by Lady Gaga (Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Song Written For Visual Media "Shallow"; Best Pop Solo Performance "Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Goin')?")

With all the buzz around “A Star Is Born,” it’s worth throwing it back to some older Gaga. INFJs will especially appreciate this move, specifically with this song, as they appreciate creativity and warmth as exuded in early Gaga and this song.


“From The Ground Up” by Dan + Shay (Best Country Duo/Group Performance "Tequila")

Dan + Shay are another country act, but their gentle passion is a quality best appreciated by INFPs. This type esteems loyalty and deep connection, which can be found in this song about what this type values most: relationships.


“TINTS” by Anderson .Paak ft. Kendrick Lamar (Best Rap Performance “King’s Dead” by Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Future and James Blake Bubblin, Anderson .Paak)

The bouncy, gregarious beat of this song vibes with ENFP. It extends deeper than the surface level of lively beat and sound, though. The song’s lyrics dive into the perception of black people with wealth: ENFPs appreciate depth and tend to engage with social issues.


“Up All Night” by Beck (Best Alternative Music Album "Colors")

ENFJs love people. Beck, in this song, also loves people. He wants to stay up all night with you, speaking to ENFJs’ energy and loyalty. The song’s sound and lyrics also mesh with ENFJs’ imaginative nature.


“I Like It” by Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin (Best Rap Album "Invasion of Privacy")

INTJs are demanding, productive, and autonomous, just like Cardi B in this hit. It may have been the song of the summer, but independent INTJ won’t care about listening to this song again and again all year round.


“Ni Blanco Ni Negro” by Claudia Brant ft. Antonio Carmona (Best Latin Pop Album "Sincera")

This type values intelligence, so they won’t be bothered if they don’t understand this song. Instead, they will be curious to find its meaning. The music video will be of deep interest to this type, as it deals with the refugee crisis. It will provide INTPs with analytical challenges that these problem solvers appreciate.


“Trip” by Ella Mai (Best R&B Song “Boo’d Up”)

Like “Boo’d Up,” “Trip” is a lively song that encourages initiative as well as spurring others on, just as ENTPs do. Ella Mai is “tripping” on her man’s love, but his love is also too good to be true. ENTPs will love dancing along to this energetic song.


“HEARD ABOUT US” by The Carters (Best Urban Contemporary Album “Everything Is Love")

Last but certainly not least is The Carters, aka Beyonce and Jay-Z, whose assertive confidence is ENTJ to a tee. They are tough and speak clear truths, like ENTJs. This type is not afraid to take charge, just like this power couple.

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