How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number & What It Says About Your Personality

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How Your Personality Traits Are Defined By Your Soul Urge Number, According To Numerology

The Soul Urge number is said to be an indicator of your zodiac sign's hidden desires. The aspects of yourself that drive you toward your personal fulfillment. The Soul Urge is sometimes referred to as your heart's desire number.

This placement provides a window into your very personal self. The Soul Urge number is part of a dynamic set of numbers that include your life path, the day of birth number, expression number and personality number. These 5 placements give a detailed overview of what your hear to do, your talents and deepest drives, that extend beyond what you learn with astrology.

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It's important to know how to calculate your Soul Urge / Heart's Desire number. All you'll need are the vowels in your full birth name. The letter Y can be a vowel or a consonant depending on its placement and sound. (Hint: If it follows a consonant and carries its own sound, it's a vowel.)

Okay, now don't be worried about the math, its really simple arithmetic. This technique has been used for centuries, however, the origins are a mystery. Some believe it originated with the Philosopher Pythagoras.

History in a broader view shows that many different cultures throughout time have used similar strategies. I have studied Eastern numerology and some Chaldean numerology but I enjoy Pythagorean numerology best so that is what we will use here.

Here's an example of what the steps will look like if your name was Anne Mary Smith. 

  • Anne = 1,5,5,5=16/1+6=7
  • Mary = 4,1,9,7=21/2+1=3
  • Smith = 1,4,9,2,8=24/2=4=6
  • 7+3+6=16/1+6= a Soul Urge of 7!

Using the above chart assign the vowels of your full birth name the representative number. Once you've completed that step add them up, you will likely have a multi-digit number.

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Add those digits together and repeat that step until you reach your single digit Soul Urge number, then refer to the list below for a detailed description of that numbers representative meaning and how it could be affecting your personality. Have fun and enjoy this journey of self-exploration. It's amazing what you can learn about your horoscope.

Soul Urge Number 1: Leadership

Soul Urge number 1 people are the people who love to be the Boss. They will strive to succeed at whatever they set their minds to. Tenacious people with a powerful drive to lead. They are insightful in assessing the abilities of others and are gifted at giving direction to people they may be in charge of. They are the leaders and Pioneers, forging their path so that others may follow their lead. These people don't give up easily and can rise to challenge.

A number 1 is the number of new beginnings and you desire to not be tied down. If you have a Soul Urge number 1 you may need to be in full control of your destiny, cutting through the obstacles in your path. You may have a need to be a manager, owner or a business executive.

These people can also make great Lawyers. Number 1 is powerful and dominant, you will experience lessons in life that give you the opportunity to connect with your emotions and the emotions of others. As a number 1, you are an empowered and self-directed individual. You need a partner who is supportive. Your partner should also be someone you respect and trust a great deal so that you can grow in learning to accept their feelings and thoughts too, not just relying on your own.

Soul Urge Number 2: Harmony

The Soul Urge number 2 is a place of balance, harmony and peace are testaments to this numerical placement. These people are wonderful friends and companions, they give freely of their affection and to comfort is a natural drive for these people. If you are a Soul Urge number 2, then you may be drawn to the medical field, or another career where you can express compassion, care, and sympathy.

The number 2 represents a diplomatic person, you may do well as a negotiator and peacekeeper. While you do need work to tend to yourself as well as you do others, you yet do not let people walk all over you. You are very emotionally intuitive and can sense when emotions are running high.

You will work to help everyone regain balance. You would be a great team member and people likely love having you in their lives. In a relationship you thrive, an ideal partner in many ways your natural best partner may be a person who can respect your kindness and consideration, seeing you as a beacon of hope for many people.

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Soul Urge Number 3: Self-Expression

If Soul Urge number Soul Urge number is 3 you will desire a life filled with art, music, singing and even dancing. Number 3 is considered the Entertainer. This placement loves to thrill a crowd, they will thrive when they are able to make others laugh and smile, delighting others with their dramatic antics. These people will likely be drawn to the arts of all types, exploring the world of art and entertainment through their life. They could spend time in a theater.

These people are enthusiastic, optimistic and definitely stand out in a crowd. They are gifted people who inspire others around them with their abilities of expression, they are often the people who help society to recover after societal restructuring in that they desire to lift the human spirit back up. They express as light in times of darkness. If your placement is in the number 3 then you would offer a prospective partner a life of excitement, flexibility, and personal growth.

Soul Urge Number 4: Stability

If this is your Soul Urge placement is number 4, then you will be a master at creating order, putting things together, and building. Engineering comes to mind with this numerical placement. You desire to build structure into your life and those you interact with. You are able to carefully and methodically work till you have made something beautiful.

This would affect your personal and intimate life. You desire to have a solid, stable life. You're not looking for the roller coaster relationship you see in so many others. You will want to be able to settle with that one special person. A life of integrity with a partner who Is mature is your deepest desire.

You may find you are called on in life to express patience with others in your life, you may find others rely on you in life to be the shoulder in times of challenge and you really don't mind as it is your desire to be strong.

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Soul Urge Number 5: Freedom

Soul Urge number 5 people, will crave the purity of true freedom as they desire the fulfillment of their wildest hopes and dreams. These people love to travel and may dream of seeing the world, sampling all the wonders therein. They will thrive in times of change, with a seemingly endless ability to create a new and rich life from the ashes of chaos.

They will represent the desire for adventure. They may thrive in a relationship with plenty of interesting twists and turns with plenty of mystery always present to explore. They tend to be flighty and may take a long time to commit or even never truly find comfort in the settled life.

They have a tendency to chase then lose interest once they make the catch. This is a challenging place for a committed relationship, not that they can't or won't mind you, it's just that their deepest desire is to experience all that life has to offer.

Soul Urge Number 6: Service

If your Soul Urge number is a 6 then you may be inclined to acts of service to others. You have probably given money to a stranger in need. You likely hold deep value in Helping to lift your fellow man back up on their feet. This placement is much about the energy of goodwill, kindness and a helping hand.

In a relationship, a Soul Urge number 6 would do well to have a partner that sees value in the little things in life. The number 6 indicates a desire to give and see your partner happy and balanced. In turn, you achieve contentment.

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Soul Urge Number 7: Introspection

The number 7 Soul Urge placement has the desire to dive into subconscious functioning. If this number is your Soul Urge placement, In a relationship you may find you look for partners that are able to express their hidden selves to you.

This is a cerebral placement as the number 7 is thought to hold the key to balance between the material and non-material worlds. With 3+4=7, that is significant because 3 represents the Divine forces and 4 the Material plane, 7 is the derivative of those numbers, combining the essence of both.

You desire to delve into the mysteries of this world and the Mystical Realms. You may find yourself drawn to Sciences, Philosophy and possibly even Metaphysics. A mysterious partner that always has more to explore would be ideal, and in turn, you will offer the same.

Soul Urge Number 8: Challenge

If Soul Urge number 8 is your placement then you are likely an authoritative person. Really good and directing and managing teams and individuals. You can see their strengths and weaknesses, that ability is best expressed in a desire to see people succeed.

As opposed to trying to manipulate. It's not likely though that you would, as you truly want to be the leader of a success story, having a strong team you've put together will be a rewarding experience.

Your ideal partner could be someone confident and willing to work hard to see goals to completion, a team player with team interests at heart. Your partner would value your success and support you and you move to the top.

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Soul Urge Number 9: Philanthropy

If your Soul Urge number is 9 you have a strong desire to see the world a happier place. You may be deeply moved by Animal causes and societal strife. Having a cause to defend and resolve will be a driving force through your life. The number 9 is considered the most visionary of numbers. A number nine-person can struggle to remain patient with others that don't feel as strongly about causes as they do.

A number 9 may be a well-traveled person or desire to be if they haven't been able to be yet, working to understand others of different cultures and backgrounds is a strong drive for the number 9. They seek to understand why society has problems and are excellent at leading people by way of inventive solutions.

In a relationship, if your placement is 9 then you may be able to maintain successful long-term relationships with people who have very different backgrounds than your own. Those situations will help you continue to grow. You do expect that those who can contribute to society's positive advancement do, you can be quite charismatic and have a way of getting what you want from others.