Are Jerry Seinfeld And Jimmy Kimmel Feuding? New Details On Their Alleged Rift

Are Jimmy Kimmel and Jerry Seinfeld at war?

InstagramAre Jerry Seinfeld And Jimmy Kimmel Feuding? New Details On Their Alleged Rift Instagram

Are Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Kimmel feuding?

Legendary comic and sitcom creator Jerry Seinfeld allegedly hates fellow funnyman Jimmy Kimmel. A new report says Seinfeld has no good feelings at all toward the late-night TV host and doesn’t ever intend to appear on his show. No one can explain Seinfeld's feeling toward Kimmel, just that he doesn't like the comedian and host and he doesn't want to work with him in the future. 


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Kimmel, for his part, is reported to bear no ill will to Seinfeld and isn’t sure why the comedy icon hates him. 

What’s going on with the Seinfeld-Kimmel beef? Read on for more details.


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1. Feud

Radar Online shared the news that Seinfeld hates Kimmel earlier this week. A source close to the Comedians in Cars Having Coffee host says, “Nobody knows where the bad blood comes from, but Jerry just hates Jimmy.” There has never been a reported incident between the two stars that would lead to a fight and the source says, “There’s no specific event anybody can point to."



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2. Guest star

Radar suggests that Seinfeld has been a guest on Kimmel’s late night show in the past but that turns out not to be true. While Seinfeld has been a frequent guest on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and on Late Nigh With Seth Meyers, there’s no video of him on-set with Jimmy Kimmel.


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3. Old bitterness?

Seinfeld criticized Kimmel in 2015 for not doing enough to honor David Letterman’s last night hosting Late Night. While Kimmel aired a rerun of his own show that night to avoid competing with Letterman’s farewell, Seinfeld said it didn’t go far enough. He suggested Kimmel should just show a screen saying, “'The Jimmy Live show will be back tomorrow,' put that up there.”



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4. Charity show

Whether or not there’s bitterness between the two comedians, they have shared a stage in the recent past. Just last October, both of them appeared at “Will Ferrell’s Best Night of Your Life”, a benefit for cancer for College, a charity that helps cancer survivors pay for school.



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5. Rising star

Some have speculated that Jerry’s animosity toward Kimmel is just envy.  A source says, “People believe Jerry is envious of Jimmy.” Kimmel not only has a hit ABC show, he’s also be tapped, in recent years, as a host for the Oscars and and the Emmys.

6. One sided

Kimmel reportedly doesn’t feel anything negative toward Seinfeld. The source says, “He’s a huge Seinfeld fan and he’s always talking about what a great comic Jerry is.”


Neither comic has commented on the rumors.

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