Meet Tim Tebow's Wife, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, The 2017 Miss Universe

She smart and beautiful.

Meet Tim Tebow's Wife, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, The 2017 Miss Universe getty

We know Tim Tebow as a former quarterback for the Denver Broncos and current outfielder on the New York Mets. But he’s also well-known for his Christian views and a faith that doesn't permit sex before marriage. Because of this, he’s maintained his virgin status ... until now!

In July 2018, Tebow confirmed that he had a new boo in his life: Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, the winner of 2017 Miss Universe. Of their relationship, he said, “She is a really special girl and I am very lucky and blessed for her coming into my life. I am usually very private with these things but I am very thankful.”


Who is Tim Tebow's wife, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters? Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she's the new Mrs. Tim Tebow! That's right, the two got married on January 20th.

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Here are all the juicy details on their relationship, her career, and their beautiful wedding.

1. Who is Tim Tebow's wife, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters? She’s from South Africa.

Nel-Peters was born in Sedgefield, South Africa, which is in the Western Cape. She's mixed race. Nel-Peters received her bachelor’s degree in business management and is fluent in both English and Afrikaans.

2. She’s only the second woman from South Africa to win Miss Universe.

The title had only been previously held by Margaret Gardiner when she was crowned in 1978. Not only must her win have been incredibly exciting, but she made history in the process.


3. She also holds the title for Miss South Africa.

In March 2017, Nel-Peters was crowned Miss South Africa 2017. We wonder which crown she wanted to wear most after her Miss Universe win!

4. Her platform is pro-woman.

After winning her title, Nel-Peters made it her mission to focus on gender and pay equality, stressing the importance of confidence for women. She also expressed that she wants to use her self-defense workshops to help women protect themselves.

During the round of questioning, she was asked what she thought was the most important issue facing women in the workplace.

She responded, “In some places, women get paid 75 percent of what men earn for doing the same job, working the same hours, and I do not believe that this is right. I think we should have equal work for equal pay for women all over the world.”


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5. She escaped a terrifying carjacking in 2017.

One month after she was crowned Miss South Africa, she was carjacked in Hyde Park, Gauteng, a suburb of Johannesburg. She gave the carjackers the keys but was forced into the car. Luckily, Nel-Peters was able to escape by punching one of the attackers in the throat and ran away to get help.

6. She gets along well with Tebow’s family.

In July 2018, Tim Tebow’s sister, Katie, posted a photo on Instagram with her husband, brother, and Nel-Peters. It seems like the family really clicks well with her, which is great news for anyone when meeting her significant other's family, especially for the first time.


7. His proposal was as romantic as they come.

In January 2019, he popped the question on his family's farm in Jacksonville, Florida. While taking a walk, they stopped next to a small lake, where Tebow got down on one knee and said, “Demi Leigh Nel-Peters, I love you. Demi Leigh Nel-Peters, will you marry me?” She said yes, of course!

But that was just the beginning of the surprises. After he slipped the ring on her finger, Matthew Mole, a singer from South Africa, began serenading the couple with one of their favorite songs.

And that's not all! Tebow had flown out her closest family members and friends all the way from South Africa. His parents and friends were also there to witness the engagement. And the best part? Nel-Peters had absolutely no idea. 

“I actually wasn’t really nervous. I was excited. I wanted everything to be perfect and to go smoothly. But I wasn’t nervous to actually ask her,” Tebow said.


8. Tebow and Nel-Peters got married on January 20, 2020.



A post shared by Demi-Leigh Tebow (@demileighnp) on Jan 21, 2020 at 12:46am PST

The couple officially tied the knot on January 20, 2020, marrying in Cape Town, South Africa at La Paris Estate. Nel-Peters wore a custom-made dress from David's Bridal and looked absolutely stunning!

Tebow commented on the happy day, saying, “I’ve been waiting my entire life for someone special, who I can spend the rest of my life with. I was waiting for the right person to come along. And now I’m marrying Demi. I can’t wait to see what our future holds. All of my dreams have come true. It was 100 percent worth the wait.” 


Nel-Peters also revealed information about the wedding, adding, “We’re both very traditional. We wanted to look back at the wedding and see that it was intimate, elegant, and traditional.”

Congrats to the newlyweds!

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