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Who Is Savanna Waldrop? New Details About Trey Songz' Ex Who Claims He Forced Her To Have An Abortion

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Who Is Savanna Waldrop? New Details About Trey Songz' Ex Who Claims He Forced Her To Have An Abortion

Who is Savanna Waldrop? Media personality Steve Harvey is shocked and appalled over news that his youngest daughter’s new boyfriend has a very shady past. His daughter Lori, 22, is reportedly dating rapper Trey Songz. Not only is the performer twelve years older than Lori, but he has a dating history that is blowing up into a huge scandal.

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Songz’ former fling Savanna Waldrop is telling news outlets that Songz forced her to have an abortion and threatened to kill her if she didn’t go through with the procedure. She’s got receipts to back her claims as well: text messages and recordings of conversations, as well as her own medical records.

Radar also reported that Savanna Waldrop was seeing Khloe Kardashian ex Lamar Odom just weeks before going public with new girlfriend Sabrina Parr. “Lamar never mentioned dating Sabrina to me," Waldrop claimed adding, “Lamar paid for me to go on vacation a week before he announced his new romance!”

Who is Savanna Waldrop? Read on to learn more.

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1. New Love

Lori is Harvey’s adopted daughter  her mom is Harvey’s 3rd wife, Marjorie. She has recently been spotted kissing Trey Songz in public. The 34-year-old rapper has a long history with women, including a relationship with Khloe Kardashian  n 2016. Songz has also been linked to porn actress Brittney Jones, who claims to have been with him at the same time he's been seen with Lori.


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2. One-time sex worker

One of Songz’ past flings is Savanna Waldrop. Waldrop is based out of Vegas and in 2011 was arrested for prostitution after taking $600 from an undercover police officer who answered an ad for sex services that she posted. She also reportedly worked at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a brothel owned by the same company that owns the Love Ranch, where Lamar Odom nearly died after an overdose in 2015. Her current bio lists her as "Manager 2 the Celebs & Executive Lifestyle Manager of Monster Products". She also has a young daughter with YouTube prankster M2thak. 

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3. Hook-up

Waldrop alleges that she and Songz hooked up back in 2013. Waldrop claims she got pregnant from the affair. She doesn’t elaborate on how they met.

3. Abortion

Waldrop told Songz about the pregnancy and he accused her of trying to to “f**k my life up” in a text message. He insisted she get an abortion and end the pregnancy. Waldrop told Radar Online, “He paid me so no one would find out and urged me to go and get it over with.”


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4. Second thoughts

The morning of the scheduled procedure, Waldrop had second thoughts about ending the pregnancy and texted Songz to discuss her feelings. He replied, “You’re only lookin’ for excuses not to. Please go through with it.” Later, in a phone call Waldrop recorded, Songz said he didn’t regret her ending the pregnancy at his behest, saying “I don’t give a f**k about feeling bad right now.” Over the next few months, he would pay her $25,000 to stay quiet about the situation.

5. Fallout

After the abortion, Songz and Waldrop allegedly maintained contact, and even spent time together. It wasn’t all fun, however, and Waldrop reports abusive behavior from Songz at the time. She tells Radar, “I drove to see him with a friend. I opened the passenger door of his car and he threw around $6,000 across the seat. He said, ‘Now let me see your phone so we can delete all the texts between us.’ I said, ‘No.’ That’s when he grabbed me by my throat, pulled me into his car and drove off!” She claims he held her for two hours, destroyed her phone and ID and punched her in the ribs.


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6. Kardashian connection

While Songz was linked to Khloe Kardashian in 2016, Waldrop reportedly was dating Khloe’s ex Lamar Odom in 2018. Odom was known to frequent a brothel affiliated with a brothel Waldrop worked at at one point in the past. It’s unclear how she met Odom.

7. Another kidnapping

Waldrop claims Odom was kidnapped by a drug dealer in Oregon over the summer.  The pair were visiting her family and Odom wanted go gamble so Waldrop arranged a loan from some “shady locals”. After Odom lost the money, they took him to a hotel room for two days and refused let him talk to Savanna. He was allegedly released after paying them back a portion of the money. Odom denies the whole story.


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It's unknown if Lori Harvey will stick with Trey Songz after this scandal has come out. 

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