90 Day Fiancé Feud! Why Fernanda And Larissa Are In An Epic Fight

90 Day Fiancé stars Larissa and Fernanda were feuding in the tell all. What started their fight?

90 Day Fiancé Feud! Why Fernanda And Larissa Are In An Epic Fight TLC/Instagram

90-Day Fiancé feud! Last night, TLC aired the first installment of the two-part 90 Day Fiancé: Couples Tell All. Shaun Robinson returned to moderate a discussion with the cast, reviewing all the highs and lows of the tumultuous season.

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While there were a number of tense moments as cast members were called to answer for their bad behavior, the real drama of the show was due to one couple not being on set: Colt and Larissa were delayed in arriving. Their absence allowed producers and cast members to ratchet up the tension around a looming confrontation between Larissa and Fernanda. When they finally did show up, the drama was epic. 


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What were the two 90 Day Fiancé cast members funding about on tv last night? Read on to find out more about the 90-Day Fiancé Larissa/Fernanda fight. 

1. Larissa

Larissa is the Brazilian native who moved to Las Vegas to marry IT professional Colt. This couple has had a difficult time settling into wedded bliss. Larissa and Colt have fought over everything from Colt’s relationship to his mother (she lives with the couple) to why Colt drives a car without air conditioning in the Nevada heat. At times, their fights have escalated to a point that police have been involved. Larissa has actually been arrested for domestic violence twice in 2018. Charges were dropped in both cases. In recent weeks, Larissa has accused Colt of cheating on her and texts and photos of his interactions with other women have surfaced online. 


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2. Fernanda

Fernanda met her now-husband Jonathan, a relator from North Carolina, while he was on vacation in Mexico. Despite the twelve-year age difference between them — and the fact that Fernanda was under 18 when they met — the pair pursued a long-distance relationship. Fernanda finally moved to the US as the show began filming. The couple seems genuinely affectionate toward one another but Fernanda demonstrated that her emotions can run high at times. At one point she lashed out when a woman was trying to dance with Jonathan at a club and, in another incident, she became very angry when he stayed out late after work.



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3. Social media

It's probable that the two women met in person at a 90 Day Fiancé event in Los Angeles before the season aired. Whatever their level of friendship, Fernanda certainly noticed the night Larissa took to social media with pleas for help. Larissa alleged that Colt had taken her phone and she was locked in the bathroom as he called the police. That incident resulted in her second arrest and she spent about 48 hours in jail before being released on bail. Some days later, Larissa posted a photo of herself posing on a police car, making a joke about her arrest.

4. Concern? Or trolling?

When Fernanda saw the cop car post (which has since been deleted), she thought it was in poor taste and commented, “How can you make fun? A lot of people were genuinely concerned about you”. Larissa took offense and lashed back, saying “The only way you can stay relevant and try to convince people you’re not boring is to insert yourself in my affairs. Girl stop to be [sic] jealous, you copy everything that I do inclusive [sic] your bio. Did you forget that you [sic] copy and paste? No personality at all. Be careful next time that you assault someone hahaha I know that the scene was staged and you feel so sad for [sic] we make more success.” That comment referred to a scene wherein Fernanda tossed a drink on a woman she suspected of hitting on Jonathan. At this point in the social media fight, both Colt and Jonathan got involved, with Jonathan remarking "Oh what success…two days in jail and your new couch?". Colt clapped back with "Hello my name is Jonathan, perhaps you remember me from such things as being a douchebag on the internet and buying a child bride."



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5. Tell all

This real-time social media action took place just at the same time the tell-all episode was filming in New York City. The cast was gathering in the same place for the first time in months, just as Fernanda and Larissa were at their height of their online feud. All of the cast referenced the tension in backstage shots of the tell-all. Matters weren’t improved when Colt and Larissa were no-shows for the filming.



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6. Better late than never

Colt and Larissa finally arrived at the studio after difficulties traveling from Vegas to New York. When they got to the studio, they headed to make-up but Larissa’s luggage with her wardrobe for filming had been lost but the airline. She refused to start filming until she had an outfit she liked so production scrambled to get her a dress she was comfortable wearing.



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7. Fireworks

Once the late couple made it to the set, things escalated quickly. Host Shaun Robinson asked them to explain their fight and the two women — and their husbands — began yelling at each other. At one point, Colt accused Jonathan of buying a 16-year-old child bride as Jonathan shouted at Colt and Larissa to let Fernanda speak. The rest of the cast was looking on in shock as the fight got louder. Samoan native Asuelu got increasingly agitated and even looked like he might get physical with Colt and Larissa when they wouldn’t let Fernanda speak.



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8. Offscreen

By the morning after the tell-all, Larissa's instagram feed was completely purged. This is not the first time Larissa has taken down her account. She usually restores some portion of it within hours of deleting it. Meanwhile, there have been rumors, seemingly confirmed by Jonathan, that he and Fernanda have split up. In comments on one of his Instagram posts on New Year's Eve, he addressed Fernanda's absence in his holiday photos by saying she had left him to pursue a modeling career. 


8. Cliffhanger

There was no real resolution of the argument this week. TLC ended the episode with as the fight was still going. Teasers for part two of the tell all include more snark from Colt and Larissa as well as high drama from some of the other couples as well.

How will this reality star beef resolve? Watch next week's 90 Day Finacé to find out.

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