Who Is Nicole Byer? New Details On The Comic From 'Comedians Of The World' On Netflix

You've never seen a comedian like this before.

New Details On The Comic From 'Comedians Of The World' On Netflix getty

On January 1st, Netflix began airing a series called Comedians of the World, which features comics from 13 regions all over the globe! From South Africa to the UK and even India, the cast includes familiar names you may know, but also puts a spotlight on comics who discuss what life is like in different areas of the world.

One of the comics featured is Nicole Byer, whom you may have heard of if you’ve taken a trip down the Netflix rabbit hole and binge-watched hours of the show Nailed It!. But just who is Nicole Byer, and what is her comedy like? Here are 6 things to know about the comedienne, her life, and what she brings to the table in the world of comedy.


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1. She’s the host of Nailed It!.

In March 2018, Netflix put out a series called Nailed It!, in which contestants and amateur bakers attempt to recreate pastries and confections from Pinterest and professionals for a $10,000 prize. She currently co-hosts with a head judge, Jacques Torres, a chocolatier. This show really does make for a great binge and endless entertainment.


2. But she’s also starred in other shows.



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She’s appeared on several television shows including Girl Code, Ladylike, and Are You the One? on MTV, Party Over Here on Fox, and currently appears in Loosely Exactly Nicole on Facebook Watch. She’s also lent her voice work to Bojack Horseman and Bob’s Burgers.

3. She’s a former member of the UCB.

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre is “an American improvisational theatre and training center,” which was founded by Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh. Byer began taking classes at UCB and eventually moved to Los Angeles in 2012. But she still tours and does stand-up comedy, and performs improv with the troupe.

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4. She’s also created a web series and podcast.



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Together with Sasheer Zamata, a Saturday Night Live alumni, in 2013 they created a web series called "Pursuit of Sexiness." And in late 2017, she launched a podcast called "Why Won't You Date Me?" which features a comedian guest, and the two talk about past dating experiences. She concludes each show asking her guest if they would date her.

5. Her comedic style is one of a kind.

In a piece on The Ringer, the author, Allison P. Davis, described Byer’s comedy and style, saying, “As a comedian, Byer is most easily compared to a raunchier Retta with a hint of Ilana Glazer’s madcap energy. She’s mouthy, vulgar, a little bit goofy, relatable but ridiculously charming, and not afraid to infuse her broad comedy with a confident sexuality.” What a compliment!

6. And, most importantly, she’s all about body positivity.



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In an interview with Brit + Co, Byer opened up about body positivity and what accepting and loving your body means to her.


She said, “Body positivity, to me, means you accept the body that you’re in. And if you want to change it, you can, but you should love the skin that you’re in currently, forever. Because everyone is beautiful. No one’s truly ugly. You’re always beautiful to somebody, and you’re always ugly to somebody. You shouldn’t even worry about what other people think. You should just look in the mirror and be like, ‘I’m a f*ckin’ badass babe!’ And that took me a very long time to get to. But I like who I am…”

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