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25 'Thinking Of You' Quotes To Send To Someone Who Needs A Friend

As humans it is normal for our lives to get busy. There are many things that require our focus, therefore it can become hard to remember to check up on friends, especially if they aren’t in close proximity. It's important for those you care about to know you care.

Think about the last time you reached out to your friends or the last time they reached out to you. If it has been a while, it is quite possible that your life has changed for the better or the worse and it would be nice to have someone reach out to you. 

There is something comforting about knowing that someone is thinking of you and took the time out to let you know it. Sometimes a person needs to be reassured that someone cares. You can be that someone for the people in your life who really need it.

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Be a friend. Everyone needs a friend. Friends are people you can depend on in your times of need. They are there to make you laugh and smile when you’re feeling down and to hold you up when you can’t stand on your own. They are even the people who convince you to do crazy things that you’ll cringe at later. Friends remind you that you never have to be alone.

In the event that you are hesitant to reach out because you don’t know what to say, don’t fret — quotes can save the day. There are quotes for everything, including quotes that tell a person that you are thinking of them. You will have found a cute and funny way to relay a much-needed message.

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Listed below are a few quotes for someone who needs to know that they are being thought of. Send a few to a friend to remind them how much you care.

1. Send love from afar. 

"I just hugged you in my thoughts... hope you felt the squeeze." — Unknown

2. Hoping you have a great day. 

"Just checking on you and praying God takes extra special care of you today!" — Unknown

3. Words aren't always needed. 

"This is a hug from me to you, to let you know I am thinking of you. And although I have nothing to say, you know I have thought of you today." — Unknown

4. Just thought I'd check in. 

"I'm wondering how you are today. Hope things are going fine, thought that I would say hello cause you are on my mind!" — Unknown

5. I'm only ever a phone call away. 

"Just wanted to say that I am thinking of you at this difficult time. And if there's anything you need I am here for you, so don't hesitate to let me know. Sending you all the love and hugs in the world." — Unknown

6. Thank you for bringing me joy. 

"When I want to smile, I know exactly what to do, I just close my eyes and I think of you." — Unknown

7. You're awesome!

"Excuse me for interrupting your day, but I just want a moment to tell you how awesome you really are!" — Unknown

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8. Sharing is caring. 

"Sometimes me think, 'what is friend?' and then me say, Friend is someone to share the last cookie with." — Cookie Monster

9. You make me smile.

"Just thinking about you brings a smile to my face. A big, big smile." — Unknown

10. You're always on my mind. 

"I thought of you today, yesterday, and the day before that too. And I'll think about you tomorrow as well." — Unknown

11. There is something you should know. 

"Just wanted to let you know... you're in my thoughts... all the time!" — Unknown

12. Lean on me. 

"Thinking of you. When skies seem dark and times get tough, and you don't know what to do...just know you have a friend right here to support and help you through." — Unknown

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13. I could never forget about you.

"Just i case you ever foolishly forget, I'm never not thinking of you." — Unknown

14. You're a blessing.

"I was just counting my blessings... and decided to send this little greeting to one of them." — Unknown

15. I care. 

"Although no words can take away the sorrow that you bare, may it be comforting to you to know that others care." — Unknown

16. I can't get you off my mind. 

"My memory loves you... it asks about you all the time." — Jonathan Carroll

17. I will always find time to reach out. 

"Thinking of you. Today you've been on my mind so I thought I'd get i touch. I'm praying that all is going well for we haven't seen you much. I know our lives can get so busy with all that we must do, but I wanted to take this time to say I'm thinking of you too." — Unknown

18. You are not alone.

"Maybe I can't stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain." — Unknown

19. You are appreciated. 

"We are in each other's life for a reason. Thank you for showing up." David Avocado Wolfe

20. You caught me. 

"Right now someone is thinking of you... ok, its me." — Unknown

21. Just in case you didn't know. 

"I just wanted you to know you're in my thoughts." — Unknown

22. I'm here no matter what. 

"If you need me, I'm here. If you don't, I'm still here." — Unknown

23. May a thousand smiles come your way. 

"Today, if a smile comes to you, a happy smile that perhaps... you can't's because in that moment, I am thinking of you and smiling too." — Unknown

24. You're exactly what I need.

"I could totally go for some you right now." — Unknown

25. If you're ever in need, you can call on me. 

"You've got a friend in me." — Toy Story

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