90 Day Fiancé Shocker: Are Kalani And Asuelu Pregnant With Baby Number 2?

Asuelu and Kalani's relationship is troubled. What is going on with them now?

Are Kalani and Asuelu pregnant with baby #2? TLC

Are Kalani and Asuelu pregnant with baby #2? Fans of 90 Day Fiancé on TLC have been closely following the love story between Kalani and Asuelu. The pair met when Californian Kalani was on a trip to Samoa. Asuelu worked at the resort where she was visiting and Kalani caught his eye. The pair struck up a romance and Kalani returned multiple times to spend more time with them.

Their relationship took a turn for the serious when Kalani found herself pregnant. They decided to pursue marriage and a K1 visa for that Asuelu could come live in the US. 


Since he arrived to begin filming, things have not gone well for the couple. They’ve faced multiple conflicts with era family and his expectations. Then, on the most recent episode, they dropped shocking news on audiences.

What is happening with Asuelu and Kalani? Read on for all the details.


1. Conservative Upbringing

Kalani explained early in the season that she had been raised the in Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She described being brought up not believing in sex before marriage. By the time she met Asuelu, she had broken with the LDS church and was no longer practicing the faith but she still had not had a physical relationship. When she an Asuelu became intimate, it was the first time for her.

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2. Shaky start

Even though Kalani was willing to take a leap and commit to Asuelu, he was less faithful. Kalani described the two of them having an off-again-on-again period where they weren’t always officially together. Asuelu even admitted to seeing other people during those break because he said he wasn’t sure Kalani would return to Samoa.



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3. Cheating admission

Kalani went back and forth about whether or not Asuelu actually ever cheated on her or if he just dated other people while they were on a break. However, a woman surfaced recently who had text messagess proving that Asuelu had definitely cheated while Kalani was pregnant with her son and Kalani knew about it.



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4. Family tension

All of the drama in Kalani and Asuelu’s recent past made Kalani’s family understandably distrustful of his motives and his level of commitment. He has had to spend most of the season proving himself to her parents and siblings. The result is a tremendous amount of family tension.



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5. Wrap it up

One family member at least tried to lighten the mood a little. When Kalani’s brother met Asuelu for the first time, he presented him with a condom and warned against more unplanned pregnancies. Auseul took deep offense to this, saying that in Samoa, condoms are only for “slut people” and he is not a “slut person”. Kalani tried to tell him that condoms are for smart people and that she isn’t ready for more kids just yet but he mentioned wanting a large family with her.



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6. Baby drama

No matter how many kids Asuelu wants, he’s not fully adept at caring for the young baby he and Kalani have. He’s seen taking a lot of risks with their son such as putting him in a swing without adequate support, removing him from a car seat while the car is moving, and trying to carry the baby on his shoulders, though the baby appears to young to be able to sit up unsupported.



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7. In doubt

By the middle of the season, Asuelu’s incompetence with the baby and Kalani’s own doubts about his faithfulness have her questioning whether she even wants to marry him. A wedding dress shopping trip gets cut short because she just can’t get excited about the idea of marriage.


8. Bombshell

In the most recent episode, Kalani discovers that she's pregnant again. She explains in the confessional that her birth control options were limited due to breastfeeding and Asuelu stuck to his "condoms are for slut people" stance. The new pregnancy is unplanned, though probably not terribly surprising. She tearfully tells her mother about the situation and worries the pregnancy and new baby will make being a mom to her first child more difficult. Audiences also are left to wonder how they’ll support a new baby, since Asuelu can’t work and Kalani left her job to care for Oliver. The pair is currently living in a house owned by Kalani’s parents.



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9. Depression

In a private social media post, Kalani shared that a lot of her dismay is based on the significant depression she suffering during and after her first pregnancy. She is concerned for her own mental health and how it will affect her children.


10. What next

Kalani has still not said she is enthusiastic about marrying Asuelu. A new baby doesn’t change any of the difficulties in their past and will make their future that much more complicated.

Keep watching 90 Day Fiancé on TLC to see how this drama plays out.

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