Cool Off! 5 Flirty Hairstyles For When It's A Million Degrees Out


Give your hair a break with these sweat-proof and seriously sexy styles.

Summer dress? Check. Wedges? Definitely. Cute purse? Oh, yes. Hair? Uh-oh. While dressing for summer dates is fun and easy (hello, rompers and sundresses!), what you do with your hair is a whole other story ... a difficult one to get through sometimes.

Blow dryers. Curling irons. Straightening tools. Ugh. Somewhere down the line, we were wired to think we need to turn up serious heat if we want to look hot on date night. But with the summer in full-force and the humidity at it's worst, the thought of heat styling (and how gross your will room get) is downright dreadful. Who needs pin straight hair or curls, anyway? But what to do with your hair before your date - especially if those are your go-to styles?

It's time to unplug. Give your hair a much-needed break (before you end up splitting on it and your next date) and provide strands with some major breathing room with these sweat-proof — and seriously sexy — styles. Whether you're going to a summer BBQ, movie or are off to play a round of mini golf, these flirty styles are effortless, chic and most importantly, cool.
From sexy beachy waves to better-off buns, with these no-heat styles you'll be hotter than that blow dryer gets in the middle of August.

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