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How Did Mandy Blank Die? New Details On The Tragic Death Of The Celebrity Trainer At 42

How Did Mandy Blank Die? New Details On The Tragic Death Of The Celebrity Trainer At 42

How did Mandy Blank die? Celebrity trainer and fitness superstar Mandy Blank was found dead in her home on October 29. Despite an investigation into her cause of death, questions remain.

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Blank was well know for training a who's who list of high-profile clients as well as her own history of bodybuilding and fitness modeling. Her death comes as a shock to all who knew her.

What are the details surrounding Mandy Blank's death? Read on to learn more. 

1. Early athletics

Mandy began competing as a child as a baton twirler and gymnast. When she was 17, she won the title of Majorette Queen of America, the highest honor in the sport of baton twirling.

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2. Bodybuilder

Mandy Blank began her competitive bodybuilding career when she was 18 years old. She placed 5th in world Fitness Olympia and received her professional status after only a year of competition. She would later go on to to become the youngest ever winner of the IFBB World Championships. 


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3. Camera ready

Besides competing, she is also known for her striking looks and visibly fit physique. Recently, on bodybuilding magazine even named her as having the Best Glutes of All Time and she's been ranked as a top ten Pro Diva Fitness Model multiple times

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4. Top shelf client list

In addition to her own training, Mandy was a trainer to the stars. Her client list includes Alex Rodriguez, Marcus Allen, Jordana Brewster and Pauly Shore.

5. Death

On October 29, Blank's housekeeper found her unresponsive in the bathtub of her  Los Angeles home. The housekeeper called 911 and authorities responded to the scene. Foul play is not suspected and no alcohol or drugs were found. 

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6. Autopsy

On November 1, the medical examiner completed an autopsy but still couldn't determine a cause of death. The medical examiner said toxicology reports were still pending but explain that it could take up to three weeks. 

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