How You Change When (Suddenly) Single, By Zodiac Sign

How You Adjust To A (Suddenly) Single Relationship Status, By Zodiac Sign

What does each zodiac sign yearn for once that relationship status changes to "single?"

Breakups happen, and then you go from a taken status to suddenly single. Being single after being in a relationship for a long time requires time to adjust.

You don't just go from committed to available in an instant without going through emotions.

Too many words go unspoken simply because we avoid necessary negativity, like feelings of sadness, hurt, or anger.

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Bottling up your feelings after a major event like a breakup or divorce can be especially disastrous. So let’s just put it all out there for a moment.

Every one of us has a single self and a relationship self. They’re similar, to be sure, but not exactly the same.

When we settle into commitment we often settle into comfort, sometimes even becoming homebodies. Our activities and schedules, and even our inner worlds change. 

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When we experience a breakup we go through those changes yet again. You might believe the only inner world you could try to understand is your own. Even that’s confusing enough. There are numerous tools you can employ to glean insights into yourself and others though.

You might use such tools to decipher perceptions, motivations, and dreams, for instance. One tool you might use is astrology. Here, we’ve used it to identify the unspoken aspects of being single for each zodiac sign.

How will you, dear Pisces cope when your heart is broken? What does a Taurus yearn for when his relationship status changes to “single?”

How do Virgos move on so quickly? What do you need to know about your Scorpio bestie who just got out of a relationship?

Find the answers, and perhaps even discover your single self, below, by horoscope sign.  


When their friends are newly single, Capricorns are able to harness their practicality to provide comfort.

But when you, Capricorn, are the newly single person, you can become worried that you won’t get to start your own family; a loving home, by and large is something you value immensely.

Just because one relationship ended doesn’t mean the next one will, Capricorn! No one can be certain of the future with so many variables and change every single day.

The best thing for you to do is set yourself up for success regardless, and let love find you. Besides, you live in the modern age—you can have a family on your own!


People born your air sign will likely blame themselves for a breakup at first whether or not it was their fault, but with time float through to a place of happiness. 

Aquarians like yourself have a natural ability to feel fulfilled whether single or in a relationship. That may sound ideal, but there is one problem: you water bearers can live and love in the space between “single” and “in a relationship.”

Oftentimes this leads the other person to demand more commitment. Follow your heart and don’t fret, Aquarius, one way or the other true love will find you.


While you can view yourself as generally genuine, when you proclaim your love of singlehood it almost invariably means the opposite.

Denial is the way Pisces deal with many unpleasantries, including heartache and loneliness.

It’s important for you as a single Pisces to spend time with family and friends as much as possible to avoid diving head first into the next relationship option presented to you.

We’re not judging you, Pisces, we just want you to live your best life, and sometimes that requires going through a period of time without a relationship.

Invest in your loved ones and yourself rather than romantic indulgences (unless you’re buying yourself flowers, of course!).

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Even when you are in a relationship, you can’t help but show off, much less when you’re the eligible bachelorette (or bachelor). You always need to be Number One but sometimes have trouble choosing your Number One. 

Singlehood is just a long runway down which you, like other Aries, strut your stuff trying to prove your prowess. While, of course, you can thrive in relationships, you live it up when you’re flying solo.

How could you not with so much inborn confidence? Just remember, Aries, you might need to slow your role to find the soulmate who will balance you out!


Regardless of whether or not the breakup was amicable or necessary, people born under the Taurus zodiac sign will long for the intimacy of a relationship every day that passes without a lover.

It’s not that you can’t take care of yourself without a partner, you’re a very competent person.

The issue is that Taurus individuals tend to experience love and affection through touch. What else could we expect from an Earth sign?

Taurus, if we may, be careful not to run back into your ex’s arms because of your cravings. You might find getting massages helpful not only for the human contact but as a way to contribute to your overall wellbeing! 


Nervousness characterizes many Gemini individuals, but especially the ones who are single. Gemini, you don’t enjoy being alone so breakups are often made more difficult by that fact. Post-breakup, as a Gemini, you are prone to worry.

You may wonder if you’ll ever find true love at all, or be relegated to a life of loneliness and regret. Here’s the best spoiler alert you could ask for, Gemini: your worries are not your future, and you will find your person.

Try not to be impatient, and in the meantime challenge yourself to find what you like about being single, like freedom from someone else’s schedule!

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Right after a breakup you, and other Cancers are usually devastated. You feel deeply, whether you’re full of joy or suffering terribly. Ideally your zodiac sign, Cancer, will turn to the strong support network you’ve cultivated through the years. But your pessimism might lead you to believe that it’s all hopeless.

Learning to turn negative emotions into positive experiences like bonding with others or creating art is the best hope for a you, as a single Cancer, to come to terms with your heartbreak.

Feel through what you need to, Cancer, but don’t hold on to negative emotions. You can will yourself past the wallowing!


People might assume that Leos are well suited for flying solo. You carry yourself like a god, after all. The truth is though that as a Leo, you feel lost without companionship.

While you love attention, and a lot of it regardless of who’s giving it, you also are intensely loyal and in your heart want to find your soulmate, just like everyone else.

As an already melodramatic Leo who is newly single, you will become even more theatrical, often romanticizing your previous relationship.

Look Leo, you aren’t going to move on until you choose to, and in the meantime, you’ll just make yourself miserable. Look forward, not back, and without a doubt, you’ll find love.


Of the zodiac signs, Virgo is one of the few to treasure a break from relationships. You give your all to everything you do so by the time a relationship goes sour you’re ready to bury yourself in work and solo affairs again.

In fact, with your Virgo-like attention to detail, you can see a breakup coming around the corner but might try to prevent it. When ultimately the relationship does end, you Virgo, are reluctant to get involved with anyone, even after some time has passed.

Just be careful that you don’t pass up a good opportunity, Virgo. True love comes around when it’s least expected—don’t ignore the signs!

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Singlehood is a time of anger for you and other Libras. People born under your Sun sign have a fiery hatred for being alone, far more than others. Combine that with the your Libra tendency to hold a grudge and any breakup is bound to create or exacerbate feelings of abandonment. 

Libra, be your fair-minded self to fight that anger and you’ll feel much better. You might even find being single isn’t so bad! Besides, you don’t need to be alone just because you’re not in a relationship. 

Take your likable self out on the town to meet new friends and have fun!



While you are known for your calm disposition, outside of your relationships and the turmoil in them (usually due to their own snooping and accusations), as a Scorpio, you despise singlehood. People born under your horoscope sign are passionate and emotion filled.

You have a lot to give and want the right opportunity to give that to the right person. You also crave the attention you get from your significant other when coupled.

You might notice that you or a Scorpio friend only seems to know how to relax when they’re in a relationship, staying unreasonably busy otherwise when they can’t confront your single status. Whatever pain you feel after the breakup Scorpio, you can confront it, and you’ll move past the hurt more quickly if you do.



You are known for your persistence. When you decide that what you need is true love, you’ll pursue it like a predator goes after prey. The thing is, once you become single, you might start serial dating.

Here’s the thing Sagittarius, there’s nothing wrong with seeing what fish are in the sea, but you need to make sure you’re safe and assertive of your boundaries.

Just as importantly, you need to accept that you might not find your soulmate in your desired time frame. The best thing you can really do post-breakup is to date yourself.


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